PPC advertising is very important for anyone who wants to draw attention to their site. Of course, you can just take and order advertising on a large resource or in a specialized agency. But the question arises: will it bring in a sufficient number of customers or will it be just “clickers” who will come in and exit right away?

There are several problems that lead to the fact that contextual advertising does not cope with its tasks:

⦁ your company has a frankly bad reputation;
⦁ the text does not grasp at all;
⦁ keywords are chosen incorrectly.

Site work

This is the very first thing to check. Suddenly, except for you, no one can enter the site or it opens for more than 3 seconds. This will be helped by special services that can record traffic and demonstrate other statistics indicators.

Google Analytics

This service will allow you to track goals – where a person goes to when they get to your site, what they click, how much time they spend on viewing, and so on. This will help you determine if the contextual advertising is working correctly or if the money was wasted.

Rotation of ads

If you sell several products or offer various services, then 3-5 of them should be used in your ad. Initially, Adwords has a function that automatically displays the most attractive (according to the service) ad. You can also adjust the priorities yourself by setting the “alternate without time limit” item. Focusing on statistics, you will identify the “weak link” and be able to replace it with another.

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Show time

This parameter is determined depending on the target audience and the specifics of your Internet business.

Company name

If the text contains the name of your brand, if you are searched exactly for it, you do not spend anything.

Ad extensions

Even in the free functionality, it is possible to add several points that should not be neglected:

⦁ place;
⦁ alternative links;
⦁ call;
⦁ dynamic ads;
⦁ program for smartphones;
⦁ reviews.


This is an essential element of any ad, as it is the COP that will allow people to find you. But there is an important point – you need to choose the optimal number of keywords.
In the case of an overabundance, this will lead to unnecessary costs, and it will become much more difficult to study statistics. In the case of double QCs that can appear as a result of thoughtless uploading of AdWords reports, again wasted. After all, the money will go in fact for the same thing, which will not lead to any profit. It is much better to choose a few of the most appropriate words that will attract the largest number of customers.

Keyword masks

Also, keep in mind that AdWords has different masks that affect your ad initiation. For example, you can set an “exact match” and the query “vending machine”, then “sell car” will no longer lead to you. In case of “broad match”, the filter will work not only for the exact query, but also for the “trade authorization”. But do you need those who cannot even correctly write what they are looking for?
In the case of complex words or names in foreign languages, “broad match” can help the client find you faster.

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Keyword masks

Negative words

An important point that will allow you to weed out unnecessary audiences. You add something with which your service / product should not be associated.

Aimed strike

Again, look at customer segmentation by parameters such as gender, age, location. Based on this, choose the right words. It will not be superfluous to add a trigger, like “only today”, “10 places left”, “you will find this only here”. Just do not provide a text of a robotic type that will be understandable only to search engines, and they have already learned how to filter out meaningless ads.

Attractive price and availability offer

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