Beru opened new sorting centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The Yandex Beru marketplace has launched two new sorting centers – in the Moscow district of Yuzhnoye Butovo and in the Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg. They will accept orders for further delivery from new partners who have connected via the Showcase + Delivery model.

To work according to this model, the seller must ship orders to the sorting center the next day after their receipt and at least 5 days a week, and also be able to collect at least 50 orders per day (if he received so many orders).

The sorting center in St. Petersburg is located at ul. Magnitogorskaya, 21, bldg. 1, letter A. This is its own marketplace, which is open from 10:00 to 20:00 seven days a week. Orders from this sorting center will be delivered to 10 regions – to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Leningrad, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Murmansk, Novgorod, Pskov regions and the Republic of Karelia.

Sorting center in Butovo is located at st. 2nd Melitopolskaya, 12A, bldg. 1 and belongs to the company “PEK”. It works around the clock and seven days a week. From there, orders will be delivered throughout Russia. This sorting center accepts goods up to 300 × 242 × 245 cm and weighing up to 100 kg.

Soon, another sorting center in Moscow, PEC Moscow North, will start accepting orders from new partners. It is located at the 84th km of the Moscow Ring Road, TPZ Altufevo, Vlad. 3A, bldg. 3. It will be possible to bring there goods weighing up to 30 kg, no more than 150 cm on each side and no more than 300 cm in terms of the sum of length, width and height.

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Beru’s current partners will continue to ship orders to the sorting center in Klimovsk, near Moscow. They will be able to switch to shipping at the new sorting centers through the feedback form.

As a reminder, from 2018 to 2020, the brands Yandex.Market, Beru, Supercheck and others developed as part of a joint venture between Yandex and Sberbank. In June, the partners announced a division of business assets.

Yandex sold its stake in Yandex.Money to Sberbank and consolidated 100% of Yandex.Market (including Beru’s marketplace), paying 39.6 billion rubles.

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