Facebook launched a paid online event service

Facebook has launched a new service that will help businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and the media make money from online events on social media.

The service allows you to create paid events with a price indication, promote them, accept payments and broadcast live – all in one place.


To support small businesses and content creators during the COVID-19 crisis, Facebook will not charge fees for paid events for at least a year. For transactions in the web version of the social network and on Android in those countries where the Facebook Pay payment service has been launched, entrepreneurs will receive 100% of their income.

On iOS, Apple refused to remove the 30% fee for payments within iOS apps and did not allow Facebook to use its own payment service.

How the payment process will look like on iOS (left) and Android (right):


Pages in 20 countries of the world gained access to the new service, but Russia is not yet one of them. When this functionality will be launched in other regions, Facebook did not specify.

Learn more about the new service in Facebook Help.

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