Free promotion via Google My Business step by step instructions

Are you a young business or a startup? So Google My Business is a great option for free promotion. This is how to use Google for online promotion, marketing and branding.

Of course, GMB does not have as many users as Facebook, but the number of users who use Google search is constantly growing. Therefore, it is necessary to use the possibilities of free promotion through Google GMB.

Young businesses can use these opportunities very effectively to promote themselves. As they say, Google loves Google and the number of users there is constantly growing.

GMB is one of the best platforms for young business development in the online environment. It enables companies to create their own pages on their platform and it’s very easy to do. You do not need to have special special knowledge, which is very important. Therefore, this opportunity is important for entrepreneurs.

Here are the new promotion and branding tools for My Business:

  • Brand logo… Companies can add their logo to appear in the top right corner of their profile in search results.
  • Profile photo… Today, companies can choose their photo, which users will see as a cover in their profile.
  • Dynamic photo gallery module… The profile now has a nice carousel with photos, as well as the ability to add captions to photos.
  • Welcome offers… They can be sent to those users who have subscribed to the company.
  • Promotional materials… Google is also launching a new website for creating and ordering stickers, posters and other promotional materials.
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All of these new features are designed to help businesses advance more effectively in GMB and search. And some statistics: eGoogle provides 3 billion direct interactions between merchants and users every month. Also, 3 million bookings are made through Google every month. More than 95 million people are already participating in the global Local Experts program.

Free Google Promotion Tools

Google My Business

  1. In order to create Google My Business, you need to register a Google account, i.e. gmail mailbox. The developers of the web studio AVANZET always register such an account to connect web analytics when creating a website. But if you don’t have a website yet, that’s okay, with Google My Business you can create your first website in 1 hour – completely free!
  2. Go to and add all the addresses of your company. This is very good for those companies with representative offices in different cities and regions.
  3. On the information tab for each address, you must select the type of activity, add a description of the company, work schedule, phone numbers, website address (if any)
  4. All added photos will be on the Photos tab. It is good to place photos of your office, employees, etc.
  5. The Reviews tab will display all reviews about your business that have been added by Google users
  6. On the Site tab, you need to add all the information about your products or services. It is better to make the amount of text not very large (about 1500 characters). Structure information, add bulleted lists. Here you can post links to the main site (if any). After adding information, everything will look like a one-page site
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Creation of placement of information about the company in Google My Business, gives free display in Google search, as well as on Google Maps. This is necessary so that your potential customers can quickly find the contacts and location of the company they are interested in, as well as the address of an office or store, and plot a quick route on the maps.

Download a step-by-step PDF guide to promoting free on Google with screenshots

What is free promotion through Google My Business?

  • Firstly, this is a real opportunity to get on the 1st page in organic search results without financial investments;
  • Secondly, you can clearly and conveniently show basic information about the company that your customers need (location, opening hours, prices);
  • Thirdly, it is a communication tool for interacting with customers, receiving feedback, calls, receiving reviews and ratings, improving your rating

Some statistics that answer the question: is it worth it or use the Google + capabilities

  1. Google + has over 250 million users
  2. Google + has over 150 million active users
  3. 50% of Google + users go online every day
  4. Google+ growth rate is 33% per year
  5. All Gmail users have a Google + account
  6. Gmail is used by 450 million people

Other free Google marketing tools

Google hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication tool. It allows you to make free calls worldwide and hold conferences with other participants – up to 10 people. With Google Hangouts, you can chat with your customers, suppliers, dealers or social media experts. networks are absolutely free.

With Google Hangouts, you can host free webinars, record screen videos and post to your YouTube channel linked to your Google account

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Google+ reviews

When your customers leave reviews on maps, they show up in search results, which makes the company more visible. Then potential customers are more likely to call you if they see a positive review of your company. So make the most of this excellent service.

Google Drive

Share content and useful information with a huge audience on Google+. 120 million people worldwide use Google Drive. You can post documents there to promote your business and make them open to everyone, then they will be indexed by search robots and this is another great free tool for promotion.


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