GeekBrains Launches Free Online Product Management Intensive

Educational portal GeekBrains opens a set for a free two-day online intensive for product management. Experts from leading IT companies will tell you how the product is created. Students are expected not only by theory, but also practice on real business cases.

The intensive is designed for novice product and project managers, marketers, developers, digital specialists, heads of companies and departments. In two days, participants will learn who a product is and how to become one, what are the stages of product development – from idea to prototype and go to market. Also, teachers will tell you how to and how not to develop products, based on the example of successes and failures.

Intensive will be held Evgeny Parshin (Alfa Bank), Dmitry Zborovsky (Sbermarket), Lasha Kharchilava (, Marine Mkrtchyan (Wikium), Andrey Popov (12storeez), Ilya Vorobyov (Delivery Club).

Intensive will take place 12 and 13 september… The broadcasts will take place from 11 am to 7 pm Moscow time. After the intensive, all participants will have teaching materials and access to the notes of the lessons.

You can leave an application for participation here.

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