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Today it is impossible to imagine full-fledged promotion of a product or company without the use of advertising on the Internet. Most people learn information from the Internet, so the vast majority of companies and enterprises use the Internet as their main marketing tool. However, not all companies have their own website. Therefore, many people have a question: is it possible to run contextual advertising on Google without a website? Consider this issue that is relevant to many in this article.

Do you always need a website?

As mentioned above, most companies have at least the simplest business card site. For those who do not have a website, contextual advertising makes sense if the simplest product is being promoted. For example, it can be a service station, a beauty salon, a shoe or household appliance repair shop, a car wash, and so on. When choosing such services or goods, users are guided primarily by the proximity of the location of the object, since conditions and prices are offered approximately the same everywhere.

Basically, people do not enter or look at the sites of such outlets, they are only interested in the phone number to clarify prices and location. Therefore, in such cases, you can use Google contextual advertising without having a resource.

How to advertise on Google Ads without a website?

It should be noted right away that such an ad will display primarily the company’s phone number. And ads of this format are shown only to users who have logged in from devices intended for calls. Wherever a person clicks on an ad, he will switch to automatic dialing.

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This ad format is especially useful if it is the calls from the target audience that are important. The advertised service or product should be as clear as possible so that the target audience does not need to look for additional information about the company. Otherwise, a person will try to get to the company’s website to obtain the necessary information, but he will not be able to do this.

In a contextual ad without a website, for advertising to be as effective as possible, the following information must be present:

  • phone number;

  • Company name;

  • address;

  • working hours;

  • a brief description of the company’s activities.

Thanks to this information, the ad will become more visible and the user will receive more information he needs.

The algorithm for such declarations is as follows:

  • After passing the auction, the ad is shown on Google;

  • The user clicks on a number or company name;

  • The specified number opens on the user’s device;

  • The user makes a targeted call;

  • Each click on your ad pays the bid specified in your account.

To create an advertisement in Google Ads without a website, you just need to fill in the following fields: “phone number”, “company name”, “description line”.

Advantages of contextual advertising on Google without a website

This method of promoting a product or service has several obvious advantages:

  1. The application is completed as quickly as possible.

  2. The user makes only 2 clicks to perform the targeted action (in our case, this is a call to the company).

  3. The user does not have to wait for the site to load. Sites can be quite heavy and take a long time to load, which is why many users stop loading and quickly forget about the ads they see.

This ad format is very useful for companies that want to quickly test their selling proposition and do not want to invest a lot of money in promotion yet.

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