Google allows updating GMB profiles directly in Search and Maps

Google announced that local SEO specialists will now be able to update GMB company profiles right in Search and Maps.

In particular, they will be able to create posts (Posts on Google), respond to reviews, add photos and update company information without going to Google My Business.

To access your profile, you will need to search for “my business” or by company name (and the business owner must be logged into the corresponding Google account). An edit button will appear both on the knowledge bar and at the top of the issue page.


And in Maps, just click on your profile photo in the search bar. In the menu that opens, you will need to select a business profile:


At the first stage, the request “my business” will only work in the US and possibly other English-speaking regions.

Google plans to expand this functionality to other countries over the next few months.

The update will also affect the statistics section in Google My Business. It will contain new data and recommendations.

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