How improving behavioral factors affects website ranking

Let’s take a look at what behavioral factors are, how they improve a website’s rankings, and what needs to be implemented to make behavioral factors stronger.

  1. What are the behavioral factors
  2. Their impact on website rankings
  3. How to enhance behavioral factors for better rankings

The ranking of the resource is determined by the search engine algorithms. Some time ago, they relied on mathematical formulas, from which the “authority of the resource” was calculated, but optimizers constantly come up with many tricks to help outwit these algorithms. Therefore, now search engines use several new methods at once to check the site, the result of which is high or low ranking.

Impact of behavioral factors on website ranking. Let’s try to understand what determines high or low ranking and how to improve the position of your site by analyzing behavioral factors.

This algorithm is based on the behavior of the users themselves who view the information. This rating is quite objective, as it reflects the preferences of the website visitors. To excel in this respect, a website must really meet the needs of users, but not try to trick them and the search engines.

What can be attributed to behavioral factors

To make this algorithm difficult to bypass, search engines take into account many coefficients, values ​​and sequences. The main factors that determine the ranking of a website in the SERP:

1. CTR – The number of clicks on a snippet in search results

A snippet is a title and a short description of a page on a site. Actually, users see it in the SERP.

The logic is this: The “authority” of a snippet is increased if it is frequently clicked on. If a snippet is clicked a lot, it means that it meets their expectations and preferences, then the priority of the snippet increases. But that’s not all, it is important to remember about keeping the target audience on the page. If there are a lot of clicks, but users immediately close the website, then the ranking will deteriorate. This behavior is a signal that the snippet does not confirm expectations.

2. Time spent on the site.

Search algorithms calculate as follows: the more a user is on the site, the more meaningful and useful information is presented there. Some unscrupulous SEOs are trying to increase the time spent on the site with complex, confusing navigation, but this will scare off customers, and all other factors will play against the high ranking of the resource.

However, this is not true for everyone. For example, on an online taxi call website, a short session time is rather a plus. That is, the faster the user issued the call, the higher the quality of service. In such cases, search engines are guided by the performance of similar sites in this field of activity.

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3. Bounce rate.

This is the only ranking factor for which: the lower the value, the better. That is, if the resource is not liked or does not meet expectations, then the user will immediately close it, without going anywhere else, and this is a big minus for the ranking of the website. Of course, it is impossible to achieve 0% rejection rate, but the less it is, the more.

4. Depth of website browsing.

On the contrary, the more internal clicks, downloads, button clicks and links there are, the better the ranking will improve. After all, this means that the site not only attracts, but also “immerses” visitors deep into the content of their own choice.

5. Returns (repeated visits) to the site.

If a person wants to return to the site again, saved the page in bookmarks or memorized the URL, then this indicates the high quality of the web resource. Search engine algorithms highly value those pages to which a person comes back several times after the first visit, and determine when the user went to the site from bookmarks.

How to improve the site’s behavioral factors without cheating

Let’s take a look at the most effective techniques for improving the interactions between users and the website, which will improve the ranking. So, how to influence behavioral factors so that the resource rises in the search results?

1. Optimize your snippet for SERP

Improving the site snippet is necessary to increase its click-through rate. It’s important to make attractive tags. They must certainly have a direct entry of the key request, but also briefly, accurately explain what a person will find or what he learns about on a web page. The optimal description in terms of volume should be equal to 150-180 characters.

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What else will be useful:

Based on Hubspot research, you can use square brackets in your title to increase your CTR by up to 40%. Titles with numbers or the current year have a good click-through rate.

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What else will be useful:

  • at the beginning of the page add a table of contents with anchor links;
  • add a company to Google My Business and Yandex.Directory
  • use emotions (in moderation) in title and description;
  • shorten the URL (with a redirect) to a short and understandable one;
  • Apply structured markup
  • work to increase brand awareness
  • work out the structure of the site to a simpler and more logical

For the robots that determine the quality of a website, navigation and internal linking are important in the structure. Since the user must instantly understand how to find what he is looking for, go to the section of interest or how to get to the required page. As a result of such work on the structure, there will be an increase in the time that users will spend on the site.

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The creation and promotion of a commercial website are two things that cannot be separated. Any entrepreneur invests in the development of a website so that users can find their goods or services through search engines. Therefore, the promotion of the resource should be planned immediately at the development stage.

Search engines today use different aspects of behavioral factors to rank. Behavioral factors have the greatest impact on a site’s position in search results. PFs are the most difficult to cheat, and therefore the most reliable ways to determine a “quality” site. Thus, the longer users spend time on your site, the higher it will be in search results.

Promotion of commercial sites: the influence of behavioral factors

What results are desirable to achieve to obtain high user factors

When a user visits a site page, the content satisfies all his needs to the maximum and answers most of the questions – the user stays on the site for a long time. If the content does not respond to the user’s request, it quickly leaves. Search engines record this fact by the time it takes to return from the site back to the search.

This time will tell everything about the quality of the content. One or two minutes is enough to get familiar with the content and find the information you need. Two seconds – just enough for a quick scan – is a poor result.

The return time from the site to the search reflects both the bounce rate and the indicator of time, presence on the site. This indicator records how much time passes from the moment you enter the site and return back to the search after entering your page from the SERP.
If your site has a high CTR and at the same time a long time to return to search, then the content is relevant and the site meets a high quality indicator.

Important information on the topic creation, promotion and optimization of sites

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What actions can be taken to improve behavioral factors

  • Create snippets that maximize the meaning of the page and lead users to relevant pages.
  • Create pages with interesting and useful content, where users stay for a long time.
  • Drive motivated traffic through specialized services

What is motivated traffic? It is a user acquisition tool based on the payment of rewards for actions performed on your site, for example:

  • find a site in the search and go to it from the search
  • viewing a certain number of website pages with a given period of time
  • posting comments or reviews about products or services
  • use of social buttons (likes, “recommend to friends”)
  • watching a promotional video
  • installation of the program or mobile application
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These are modern Internet marketing tools that should not be neglected, as they give a really good result for promotion and have a positive effect on the ranking of the site.

How behavioral ranking factors work in Yandex and Google

Information about how users interact with a site is most important for search engine robots when they determine which site should rank lower or higher in search results.

But what about when a resource is too low in the search for key phrases that are being promoted and therefore there are too few visits to the site due to its current positions? Let’s figure out what are the ways to influence this situation.

Research carried out by Experienced Dynamics shows that non-optimized texts and photos on the promoted page become the main reason for a high bounce rate – about 70%. Without immediately seeing the answer to their question, most users immediately close such sites and move on to others.

Unfortunately, many marketers and SEOs do not take into account these ranking factors, but concentrate only on technical aspects, such as:

  • Frequent use of keywords in texts
  • Building an external link profile

However, the ranking of the resource is largely dependent on the behavioral factors of the users. To improve behavioral factors in a natural way, it is first of all desirable to carry out the following activities:

  • optimization of snippets,
  • improve the content of the content so that it gives an accurate answer
  • and adapt the site design to the needs of the target audience.

Search robots Yandex and Google use complex algorithms for ranking. Before the resource is displayed in the TOP of search results, the search engine must make sure that users who visit the site are satisfied, which means that they have received the necessary information. The behavioral factors and ranking of the resource are directly influenced by:

  • Quality
  • Relevance
  • Relevance

Therefore, you should constantly provide complete, comprehensive information to the user, show videos, improve usability, so that users stay on the site for as long as possible and make attractive clickable snippets. And for sales, an increase in behavioral factors is provided by the lowest price in the segment, ease of purchase and speed of delivery.

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