How to promote a landing page

How to promote a landing page

For many webmasters, SEO and landing pages are incompatible things. Some even refuse to work, suggesting that the client switch to context and social media. Like, it’s more effective.

And we were not too lazy and found out whether search engine optimization is effective for one-page sites. Details in this article.

Is SEO necessary

Let’s figure it out together, do you need search engine optimization for your landing page? The main problem is the difference between the purpose of creating a single page and a large site with many sections and pages.

The purpose of creating one-page sites is conversion (sale / any other targeted action). And such a site is usually created for one specific product or service. On it, every button and every corner is sharpened for sales or other targeted actions (calls, office visits, and more). At the same time, the search engines promote well those sites that bring maximum benefit to people to the top. This means that for effective SEO you need a lot of pages with useful and optimized content on them. And this is no longer a one-page format.

You can choose only one extreme – either seo or conversions.

There are also minor problems:

  • SEO landing page promotion is about money. Yes, when you enter the TOP, you will receive traffic for free, but to get to this “Olympus”, you need to provide mega-useful and mega-relevant content. And this is the cost of a very good copywriter. Do not neglect his services. Especially if it is a confirmed professional.

    Creating content for a commercial resource is a specific battlefield. Here, either you or you.

  • The second problem is timing. If you need a landing page, then you need to launch as soon as possible. And I don’t want to wait several months just to pour traffic and make sure that the niche is not in demand.
  • If you have a new domain, then search engines will not let you into the TOP of the search results for any gingerbread. At first, your resource will lie down for half a year somewhere on pages 4-5, and then you can think about reaching higher positions. This is done to prevent reaching the leading positions in the search results of thousands of pages created for black seo.

It turns out that landing pages and search engine optimization won’t have a joint future? It’s not all that bad. There are still opportunities for using this tool.

SEO for landing page

Despite all this, ideas for landing page promotion can be adopted from American SEO specialists.

Their well-trained specialists create real multi-moves. They create a website (let there be a car rental), promote it in some city, and optimize the landing page. And then they just go to companies that rent cars and sell them this resource.

Do you want to know how they do it? Read the article further!

How to promote a landing page

We reveal all the secrets from behind the hillock. Here are eight techniques from American colleagues:

  1. Localization. Promote each of your landing pages only in a specific region / region / city. Otherwise, large online stores will simply crush you with their content volume.

    You can establish affiliation to a region using Yandex.Webmaster. Register your site, and then in the section “Site Information” in the item “Regionality” mark the desired region. But, be prepared to confirm this data with a link to the contact pages (it should indicate that you are doing business here.

  2. Classic optimization techniques. If you made the site yourself, you might not have paid attention to these points. And filled alts for images, titles and descriptions affect the speed of indexing of the site and its position in the search. This also includes the inclusion of keys in the H1-H6 headers.
  3. Home page. The main page of the resource always has more weight than the nested ones. Therefore, your landing page should be one continuous main page. Don’t skimp on 10 domains if you need 10 landing pages. People are cunning creatures. They will simply remove the end of your URL from the address bar and go to your main domain to see what the site is.

    And this gives you an advantage over resources where the main useful articles are not on the main page, but on nested pages.

  4. Choose the right domain name. It will be great if you choose a name that contains a key query related to your topic. This fact alone will force search engines to raise you to higher positions in search results.

    An example of a relevant domain name for a landing page might be: if you sell hoverboards, would be an adequate option.

  5. Target audience targeting. The history of the creation of landing pages says: “Use the landing page along with contextual advertising.” They were sharpened for it. Context makes it possible to target a narrow audience. There is no such thing in SEO. Therefore, there are two ways: Optimization of the resource immediately for all audiences and each of them has its own corner. So you lose in conversion, but you can collect traffic in one place. Or create one-page sites for each of the search queries of your target audience segments. There is a lot of work, but you get a working segmentation, provided that this or that segment is looking for your services or goods.
  6. Live links. Whatever you are told, links are the backbone of search engines (especially Google). Therefore, you need to receive as many incoming links to your resource as possible. Only this must be done carefully, otherwise you can get under the sanctions of search engines. The best option is an affiliate program.

    Promise users for the recommendation (or better for the client on this recommendation) a gift. In fact, a person does a simple action (repost or send a message to a friend who is looking for where to buy a product like yours), and he is pleased to receive a bonus in a few swipes of his fingers.

  7. Tricks with the text. We have already said that you need texts for SEO promotion of a landing page. And there should be a lot of them in terms of quantity, volume and quality. So how do you hide them on one-page pages? A simple modification of the html code will help you with this. Just paste the code below into your site:

Lorem ipsum dolor text …

Technically a very simple solution, but in reality you have elegantly hidden large texts on a small site. To read them in full, the user will have to click on the link.

Search robots will read texts perfectly and will think that they have placed a mountain of content on a small resource.

  1. Loading speed and adaptability. Now there is a change in the website development market in the world. To reduce the cost of creation, a specialist is ordered to assemble a resource using special constructors. It’s cheap and fast. Plus, it doesn’t require knowledge of the code, but there is also a minus.

    The downside is the presence of a large number of unnecessary and junk code. And this slows down the resource. There are several recommendations in this regard:

  • Create websites using clean html templates.
  • Engage a specialist to minimize junk code.
  • Use VPS hosting.
  • Remove unnecessary graphics and animations (designers are very fond of this).
  • Compress videos and images.
  • Landing page optimization for mobile devices.

The last “little thing” especially strongly influences the promotion. We are sure that you have often come across pages where there was no responsive layout. It is unlikely that you bought something there.

Promotion landing page

Now you know about the tricks that will move your resource to the TOP as soon as possible. But don’t expect a miracle. SEO is a long process and for the factors described above to work effectively, several more basic recommendations are required, which will be discussed below:

  1. A well-composed semantic core of a one-page page is the basis of all work. The optimal number of keys in a one-page content is about 10-20 keys. If more, the focus is blurred. And 10-20 keys are enough to describe a specific service.
    Divide the collected semantics as follows: 10% for high-frequency requests (1-2 keys and include them in the url or header), 20-30% for mid-frequency requests (2-6 keys and include them in titles, subheadings), 60-70 % for LF requests that describe specific points in a product or service. Just scatter them around the text.
    Remember that search engines take into account the closeness of the keyword to the beginning of the text and the density of the keywords.
  2. Create a Robots.txt file. Check if the landing page is open for indexing, if all directives are spelled out correctly. Create a sitemap and add information about it.
    This point should not be neglected. You can generally entrust the sitemap to create a robot – we wrote about this in one of the previous articles. And Robots.txt is needed to close unwanted sections from indexing. To see what the neglect of this point leads to, type a request into the search engine “Robots.txt megaphone” and read a couple of articles from the SERP.
  3. External ranking factors. We’ve already talked about how to maximize external links to you. There is a way to enable the creation of an external link at the stage of resource development.
    Just add social media buttons (2-3 is enough). And offer the users a motive, they say, “Since you’re here, make a repost, and I’ll give you a book!”. Add information from one page to search engines. If the company has a physical address, add information about it to Yandex.Directory, Google My Business and other business directories. Place your company contact information on Yandex and Google maps. This will help promote a one-page page of any topic.
  4. Commercial factors. Do not forget to include contact information (several options are better). Use numbers like 8-800, card, email address.
    In addition, you can add a callback form to the site. The fewer fields there are, the better. In most cases, one phone number is enough to make a call.
    Price. We talked about how the price indication affects the effectiveness of an ad in contextual advertising. Here the effect is the same – the traffic becomes more targeted. Be sure to include the price in the html code. Do not post it as a picture or script.
    Today, landing pages that take these commercial seo factors into account are at the top of search engines.
  5. There is a whole block of behavioral factors that you need to keep an eye on.

    Time on the site is optimal for users to spend 1 minute or more on the site. Another important metric related to the time on the site is the bounce rate (the percentage of users who left the site in 15 seconds). How can these indicators be influenced? Try to captivate the user. Cut a short (50-70 seconds) video where you can summarize your product, service success, or customer benefit. You can also use: photo galleries, an online consultant, a cost calculator and more.

  6. Drive conversions. Sites that often click the Buy button rank better. How to increase conversions? There are many ways: download your sales skills (or fire the old one and hire a new sales department), play with calls to action / button colors, test other USPs.
    In most cases, no one knows what is the reason why one buys and the other does not. We can only put forward hypotheses and test them in practice. And that’s okay – internet marketing is a huge dynamic equation with hundreds of variables. We can only roughly guess how it works.


In this article, we described how to promote your landing page in search results. We would like to briefly recall the main points:

  • Landing page promotion through SEO is a long process. And also labor-intensive and monetary. If successful, this money is fought back if the following conditions are met: the products have a long lifespan (if you are testing a niche and you need a quick result or your product has seasonal demand, then seo is not for you), your product or service has semantics (the site is promoted by semantics and if it is not there, it means that your product or service is simply not being looked for), the competition in the topic is low (if your rivals are large online stores, then search engine promotion is not your assistant here)
  • Competently assembling the semantic core – 50% of success. Take advantage of special services or the help of a specialist.
  • Take the time to fill your site with quality content and keep track of the time users spend on it.
  • Don’t forget about the Robots.txt file. You are not just placing the “Privacy Policy” on the site. And users appreciate it when their data is stored securely.
  • And most importantly, create websites for people. It is good to please the search robot, but people still buy! Good luck to you!
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