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The wild horse announced that this quarter is cut off. John Elway, General Manager, said: “This is the decision of the entire team. In view of all news, with the head coach Wansheph and President Joe Ellis) After the communication, we think that CCD is the most correct decision. Although Chad is no longer a member of the team, we will still do our best to help him. “

Abraham’s injury means that Curtis Riley may become the first, and the raid people may also serve as a slotted Ramucus-Joeaner in the first game. Lamarcus Joyner ) And another safety Wei Karr-Joseph partner.

Carol: Give Wilson’s contract does not mean rebuilding the team

Seattle Hawks will have the renewal of Russell Wilson after the end of this season. Although his contract is another year, the Hawk has decided to lock this champion quarter-off. It is reported that the Hawk plans to provide Wilson with a contract worth more than 100 million, or even the highest payroll. This can’t help but let people think of Baltimore Crow in renewal of Joe-Flak (Joe Flacco) to rebuild the team due to the choice of wage capabilities.

Ten Mountain is easy, keep the Jiangshan difficult, the same is true for the Hawks. High-paying Wilson will inevitably hit the wage cap will also cause some players to leave. Can you grasp the balance between them, and it will be largely determined whether the Hawks will continue to maintain strong.

According to Multi-Party Report, Jones father and Galt did not meet on Thursday in accordance with the plan. They have been talked over Monday and Tuesday, but they did not have any conclusions. Galert’s contract will expire 1.14. In February in February last year, the cowboy did not give him an invitation. His destiny has also begun to be confusing.

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According to the cheap nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter James Palmer reported that Kelly held the night part of Von Miller gave a mouth angle, but also disputed with security personnel, and finally Miller had to choose to send guest.

This year, Johnson is 30 years old. If he confirmed that the team will have a salary space of 34 million US dollars in the list of the team, if he no longer lists, then the lion will be the top five salary spaces.

The rookie safety Wei Jonanon – Johnathan Abram shoulders injured, he will receive surgery and is expected to be placed in the injury reserve list. Entering the injury reserves means that he will automatically ablate the next 8 weeks, but then add the time required for postoperative recovery, he may absence the remaining competition in the season.

The lion hopes to get the final decision of Johnson within 24 hours.

The first step in the Detroit Lion Say season is to determine the future celebrity player, and do the outer handle Calvin Johnson eventually will eventually retire.

Abraham was selected by the raid by the first round of this year. After the first competition in the new season, ABram who lost his future Abram was a heavy blow than that in the new season was significantly improved last season.

In the current situation, the lion is very hoping to win Johnson’s decision in the next 24 hours, the team spokesperson said: “We respect each player’s rights, so we hope to know Johnson as soon as possible within the next 24 hours. The intention of the year. “

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Raider’s first round show security Abram shoulder injury or season reimbursement

Beijing September 11, despite the victory of Danfo Yam in Monday Night, the young defenders of the Auckland raid were blown.

The local time on Thursday, the head coach Pete Carroll said that the same thing will not be born on the Hawie. Carol said: “Some teams often change the team because of economic issues, but we will not. All contracts are in control, we will not choose rebuilding, will only be on the original basis, in us Continue the construction team within the control range. “Carol knows, wants to leave a star player, means that the team must give up some of the other players. But as a main coach, Carol believes that the team can make a correct decision.

After the official end of the partnership, the cowboy will start the coach search. After Bill Pasers (Bill Parcells) retired, the denim interviewed a large number of heads of the head, including Galley, Norv Turner, Mike Singletary, Jim Caldwell, Ron Rivera, Todd Bowles, Todd Bowles, Todd Haley and Tony – Spartrano ( Tony Sparano).

Green said that he accepted X-ray detection when he was half a field, and the test results were negative. But because of pain, he chose to watch the battle. This season, Green has been troubled by injuries, and there is still 50 yards in the distance. But as long as Green can go to the field, he is the tactical core of the team’s pass attack.

Green: I will play at the last week

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This week, Sincona will compete with Pittsburgh steel people to compete for partition championships, and take over A.j.- Green (A.j. Green) Naturally does not want to absence such an important game. In Monday night, the tiger defeated Denver wild horses in 37-28, but because of T.J.-Wald (T. J. Ward), Green Right arm was injured and left in advance.

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