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Is the online store relevant for the b2b market

The topic of b2b sales on the Internet is of interest to many business owners. Correct entry into the Internet market guarantees a company a high level of sales, attracting new customers and generating revenue.

b2b-sales (“business to business” or business to business) is the sale of a product or service, the buyer of which is another legal entity or dealers. Such goods or services are used by the buyer for commercial purposes, in other words, for resale. The simplest example of b2b sales: A company sells phones and other equipment, while another company makes wholesale purchases of such equipment in order to resell the products to regular retail customers in the future.

Why are more manufacturers and wholesalers targeting the online marketplace?

Today more and more manufacturers and sellers in the b2b segment are guided by online sales. This is due to the fact that recently buyers, including wholesalers, are increasingly looking for the goods they need on the Internet. This is much more convenient than traveling to different companies or visiting all manufacturers, studying each proposal. Shopping online saves a lot of time, effort and even money.

There are several reasons why manufacturers create their own online stores to sell their products in the b2b segment:

  • To enter new markets. This is a great opportunity to establish yourself in other regions and even find buyers in other countries.

  • To increase sales to b2b clients.

  • To reduce the burden on managers. Online applications are much easier and faster to process. In addition, many product purchase requisitions can be processed automatically, saving on staff costs.

  • To expand the dealer network.

  • To expand your business, as on the Internet you can find not only new customers, but also investors and partners. This opens up new horizons and provides more unique opportunities for the development of the company.

  • To build customer feedback. Thanks to this, you can take into account the interests of customers, adjusting to new market trends.


Features of online stores for b2b clients

We figured out that the creation of an online store opens up new opportunities for the company in the b2b segment. This is a good investment that pays off quickly enough with the right approach. But such sites have several important features and differences from online stores tailored for b2c clients (business to client – business for a client):

  • A more simplified description of goods, since the companies that buy them already have a rough or accurate idea about them.

  • Individual terms of cooperation and pricing. The price of products may depend on the volume of supplies, the customer’s customer base, the prospects for further cooperation, etc.

  • The possibility of cashless payments.

  • A manager is attached to each client, with whom he can directly contact. This greatly simplifies the communication between the seller and the buyer.

  • Careful control of the balance and payment delays.

  • Delivery is carried out using freight transport. The seller can have his own delivery service, which greatly simplifies the transportation of purchased products to the warehouse or shop of the buyer.

  • Development of a working mechanism for the return of low-quality or inappropriate goods.

With all this, it should be understood that a well-made online store can be perfect for both b2b sales and b2c sales.

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