Landing page

Landing page advantages – time, price, weight

Landing page, or landing page, aims to stimulate the visitor to take action, thereby increasing conversions.

Landing page advantages:

  • Simple design – landing pages have a fairly simple structure
  • Specific – the landing page clearly and concisely focuses on the sales proposition
  • Convenient interface that allows visitors to feel comfortable on the site
  • Landing page can be created independently or linked to the main site
  • The landing page focuses on a specific product or service without overloading the visitor’s attention with extensive catalogs
  • Affordable development cost
  • Light weight – high page loading speed will definitely please users
  • Time to create a landing page – one-pages are created faster compared to a full-fledged multi-page site.
  • The sales proposal, which contains the landing page, is not exactly formulated abstractly, this stimulates the interest of visitors
  • Simple navigation – it is very easy to find the desired product on the landing page
  • Creation and technical setup is noticeably simple when compared to a large site
  • Making changes on your own without resorting to the services of specialists
  • The landing page does not contain heavy elements that would slow down the loading process of the web page
  • One domain can host multiple landing pages at once
  • Convenient control of landing page statistics
  • Simple creation of a customer database due to the presence of a feedback form on the site
  • It is very easy to make changes to the content of the landing page, there is no need for search engine optimization
  • Quick collection of statistics
  • Landing page can increase the effectiveness of contextual advertising
  • The landing page allows you to objectively assess and analyze online sales
  • Boosts sales on a low quality main site
  • Thanks to the landing page, it is possible to expand the target audience and analyze customer demand
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My name is Lane Derrick, back in 2014, he began to take an interest in SEO and webmastering, and started real projects six months later. For 6 years of practice, skills were formed that I use to this day. The main activity is website promotion and contextual advertising.

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