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Popular services for accepting payments on the site

A purchase in an online store looks like this: the client views the offered product, makes his choice, orders and pays. Payment is made either to the merchant’s card or to his electronic wallet. The seller’s task is to make payment for the goods comfortable. It should be convenient and fast. How to correctly build a payment scheme?

A payment system is needed so that payment for goods or services occurs automatically from an individual. This approach is ideal for aspiring small and medium business owners.

How to work with payment systems for a client.

1. When the buyer places an order and wants to pay for it, the order is assigned a specific number, which is individual.

2. Data about the goods are transferred to the payment system. From the store page, the buyer is transferred to the payment system resource.

3. The platform on which a buyer can pay for a product or service offers several options: a bank card, an electronic wallet, or something else. After choosing, the buyer goes to a page where he can make a payment in a convenient way. If, for example, you choose to pay by card, you need to enter the card details.

4. Next, the payment system verifies the entered data and their validity. If there is a complete match, makes a payment.

5. The transaction can be successful or not, but the customer is transferred back to the shopping site, and the store administration is sent information about the results of the transaction.

Why do online stores tend to set up payment systems to pay for their goods on the site?

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When funds are transferred for products to a bank card, this process is called acquiring. The owner contacts the bank or any payment system to configure this function. However, in both cases, the bank acts as an acquirer.

Many payment gateways offer their customers free transaction options. Services provide convenient solutions for their implementation in business projects.

Please note that when paying to a card, banks charge a certain commission for this, which is often higher, in contrast to the electronic system. It often happens when foreign banks offer less commission than direct cooperation.

If the bank to which the site owner’s business is tied has technical problems at the time of the purchase, the client refuses the purchase. Unlike the banking system, electronic payments have a backup channel to which payments are sent during the elimination of technical problems on the main service.

If the buyer has problems with the transaction, the bank directs him to general customer support. Electronic services usually support a personal manager for each client, since at this time every second counts.

“Five” of the best Ukrainian online payment services.

Companies have been operating in the Ukrainian market for many years. They worked towards the development of the payment culture of Ukrainians. Cooperation with them makes our life easier, as we save a lot of time when making payments. These companies compete with each other, but at the same time pursue a common goal – to simplify the process online payment, making it transparent and fast.

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Let’s remember that in the early 2000s, the idea of ​​online payment was just being launched in Ukraine. This was a revolution for Ukrainian payers. The company was founded in 2002. It was one of the first services that taught us to make purchases and pay on the Internet.

More than 3 million users appreciated the quality of the service. In the last six months alone, about 20 million transactions have passed through the site. Most often, customers turn to such services: transfer between cards, phone replenishment and utility bills. In addition, it is possible to make a payment using bank details. The service provides customers with provider account data. Online stores, banks and various companies that provide goods and services can connect to the system.

Almost half a million customers use the service. The company was opened in 2008. During this time, 25 million transactions have passed. Over the years, the service has become a leader in online payments. The company directs its efforts to accustom the Ukrainian people to actively use the services of the electronic system. The main principle is the maximum security of online payments.

The service provided payers with its own development, which concerns verification through an electronic signature.


The company is younger than the previous ones, since it was founded in 2010. The main principles of its work are convenience and accessibility. The site has 20,000 registered users. The electronic service provides more than 300 services: payment for utility bills, replenishment of a mobile phone, payment for a kindergarten, online transfer between cards, booking tickets for sports competitions, booking tickets for concerts, trains, planes and many others. others. Users who have been registered once may no longer enter their data when contacting them again. Payment receipts are also emailed.

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The company was founded in 2006 and provides 1600 payment services. On the service, you can not only buy plane or train tickets, pay for the Internet, top up your game account, but also transfer funds to another card, pay for purchases, top up your phone account, etc.

An interesting solution of the UAPAY service is the ability to make secure transactions on the Internet. This service allows you to be sure that the buyer will receive the paid product, and the seller will receive money for the transaction.


The service was opened in 2007. The range of payments is even wider than in previous companies – 2500 available services. Please note that EasyPay together with Forward Bank provided a new opportunity to their customers – a credit card for online payments without commission. Users receive cashback for completed transactions. The limit that you can use is UAH 100,000.

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