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Requirements for the design of online stores – IT rating UA

What is the site visitor paying attention to? Not on the convenience of delivery of goods and not on prices. He’ll figure this out later. Initially, the first impression is formed on the visitor, on which his further actions depend. How to make sure that the user does not leave the store, but continues to select products? It is necessary to comply with the main requirements for the visual component of the site.

Focus on products

To capture the attention of a visitor, you need to interest him. This can be done using photographs. An important requirement for site design is visibility. Each product must have corresponding photos. If they are not there, it is difficult for the visitor to make a choice. He wants to consider the product: texture, individual parts, materials. Depending on the features and specifics of the goods, you can also use 3D or video reviews of the product. By watching the video, the user will learn about the benefits of the product and make the decision to make a purchase faster.

Consider the examples of the presentation of goods in the online stores developed by us.

These screenshots show a hair dye, we see both the image of the bottle and the final result that we can get as a result of use.

And one more example with the presentation of decoration, as we can see there are also several photos so that the buyer can see all the details from all angles as much as possible.

Also of no small importance is the presence on the main page of blocks with new products, relevant and popular products. Thus, making such an emphasis, you can draw the attention of users to the desired product.

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Adaptive design

According to statistics, more than 60% of users access the Internet via mobile devices. Do not forget about mobile users, the number of which already exceeds desktop users – which means that the mobile version should be given special attention. Convenience is key to good sales. Therefore, the site must be clear and functional on all devices (smartphones, tablets, monitors). This means quick acquaintance with the content, the absence of small clickable elements and viewing pictures in normal size. The benefits of responsive design include versatility, usability, and responsiveness. These are the main parameters due to which the number of buyers increases.

Elements rendering

Online stores are complex and contain a lot of different information. During development, different pages are created, starting with product descriptions and ending with delivery. To make it easy for the user to understand and navigate everything, you need to visualize the site sections, subsections, individual elements. You can achieve good results with icons and icons. For example, seeing a truck icon, the user understands that it will be about delivery, and images with payment cards indicate payment information. When the visualization of the elements is at a high level, the visitor perceives the information faster and does not waste time reading the text.

We also attach an illustrative example of the implementation of this paragraph in practice.

The rendered icons make it easier to understand the information about the store benefits.

It will not be difficult to guess that these icons mean “Product comparison”, “Favorites”, “Cart”.

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Interesting elements and a uniform corporate identity

The site must be unique and original. For this, unusual elements are used. For example, light animation, backgrounds with moving elements, moving texture, Parallax effect, branded icons. With the help of such elements, the online store compares favorably with others and demonstrates its uniqueness. But you need to remember that everything should be in moderation and be combined with each other.

A well-thought-out personal image will help make a brand recognizable and improve its reputation. The presence of a corporate identity confirms the reliability, serious intentions and long-term plans of an online store in the field of e-commerce.

In the screenshot below, we can see a single corporate identity in the design of an online store, which is presented in white, blue, blue tones and using branded individually designed icons.

Good image quality

The key point on which the level of sales depends. When designing an online store, you need to use high quality professional photos. They grab the attention of visitors and help make choices. Professional photos are good advertising without promises and slogans. A beautiful presentation of goods not only demonstrates the assortment, but also encourages you to make a purchase!

Thematic design

When developing an online store, it is necessary to take into account the theme of the store and the target audience to whom the product is sold. Ignorance of their customers and the wrong message in the form of design and design may not be perceived by them at all. For example, if a store sells children’s goods, then the design may contain “toy” or fairy-tale elements, pictures, bright backgrounds. It is better for an online auto parts store to opt for dark, neutral and non-flashy colors that are better perceived by men. Therefore, the design must be developed based on the goals and focus of the online store.

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Thoughtful usability

When developing an online store, a huge responsibility is assigned to the designer: he must think over everything to the smallest detail. This is a clear interface, dividing the assortment into thematic sections, convenient location of sections, well-thought-out filters and product categories. Buttons for ordering goods should be bright and visible. The same goes for shopping cart and product card designs.

Consider an illustrative example in the screenshot below. The header of the online store contains an additional menu, contacts, a logo, a language switch, and a personal account. We also see the main menu on the left with convenient and understandable sections, each of which contains more subsections. In the product card there is a bright Buy button, the price of the product is highlighted. The product card is quite informative, the content is structured.

Meeting general requirements

This includes the use of suitable fonts and the readability of the text. It is also necessary to pay attention to the compatibility of colors and the general color scheme, which should be harmonious and easy to perceive. Here you need to build on what emotions evoke certain shades of visitors.

If all requirements are met, the appearance of the site becomes the factor that has a positive effect on sales. Therefore, do not forget about the visual component of the online store!

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