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Even a high-quality website with a unique design and content, correct layout, adaptation for mobile devices will not play any role if the product card is made by a blunder. It is its appearance that forms the final decision of the client before buying – to buy a product from you or go to competitors. Do not miss this important moment when creating a website, set aside a long period of time to create a selling product card. What is it and how to work with it?

How to work with a product card?

Creating a product catalog in an online store is not an easy task. A user-friendly website should not only be mobile-friendly, have a beautiful design and perform various functions, but also contain correctly completed cards. If they are half-empty, one photo per product, then the lack of information about the product will lead to the fact that the client will not be interested in choosing things in such a catalog.

The main criteria that determine the choice of a consumer are an attractive card design, a competent description, high-quality photos or videos. If the client finds it difficult to understand the catalog, he will leave the site and will not make a purchase. Quickly created cards, low-quality photos and short descriptions will not keep the visitor on the site.

In order to get at least a couple of seconds of attention from the user (not to mention the purchase), you need to work hard and scrupulously approach the development of names and descriptions in the product catalog.

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What is a selling product card?

This is a page that contains information about the product, its description and benefits. The page must contain functional elements in the form of Buy and Cart buttons. Filling out the card must be approached responsibly, thinking over every step.

A correctly filled card is a landing page that has its own content: description (text), photo and video. We will learn how to design and optimize these pages in this article.

What goals do we set for the product card?

It should perform the following functions:

· Attract the attention of a potential consumer;

· Encourage the user to buy (explaining why he needs it);

· Answer the customer’s questions that he has been looking for for a long time (this is exactly the product that he needs).

In the experience of marketers, most purchases are made thoughtlessly. A beautiful, meaningful picture, which will explain why the buyer needs this particular product, will help to push this.

Required elements for a product card.

To achieve a result in the sale of products, the page must contain the following fields:

· Full name of the product;

· Breadcrumbs – how the client got to this page;

· Main product image;

· Features and benefits;

· Visually designate the Buy button;

· Method of payment and delivery with time limits (condition for free delivery);

· Availability of goods in the warehouse;

· Warranty conditions, the possibility of return;

· Previously viewed products;

· Reviews or ratings about the product;

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· Go to pages on social networks;

· Address and contacts of the store.

Now we create a description – text content.

It is generally accepted that the size of the description should be from 500 to 1000 characters. These figures are conditional. The number of characters depends on the products sold in the store. Try to be as unique as possible for each model. Interesting and informative texts are suitable for gadgets, exclusive goods and products that are available on the site in several units. Make a detailed description so that the client does not have any questions. For an Apple mobile device, describe the product in detail, do not forget about the history of the gadget and the main advantages. If you write only 5 words about a nail and that’s enough, then leave such content.

We select high-quality photos.

More images for products, all the better. Make the top angles. Show in a photo or video how to use the item. If you sell clothes, take a photo of the thing on the person. If this is a watch, then add an image with it on your hand. So the buyer will imagine what size this model has. Please note that buyers rarely read a detailed description, and meaningful photos will tell everything about the product: model, size and method of application.

Using triggers on a page

Stimulate the user to buy the product right now. Install a countdown time counter that will show how many hours or days are left until the end of the promotion to buy a product.

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The content of the card should be of high quality with a detailed description of the product, photographs from several angles and videos. After reviewing the card, the client should not have any questions. Add reviews from other buyers, suggest related products. Make sure your site is mobile responsive.

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