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seo youtube optimization

Search networks try not to ignore the needs of the audience. If 10 years ago only websites were found in the search results, today there may be videos on YouTube, maps and even social networks.

This means that the site is no longer the only resource that can be promoted by seo and reach the top in other ways. In this article, we will talk about what SEO optimization of a YouTube channel is and how to bring your video to the TOP.

what is this seo for video

The largest volume of traffic (besides external sources and ads) comes from recommending videos to Youtube users, not from search. Therefore, you need to optimize your video for both Google and Youtube.

Search engine optimization for videos is different from that for websites. Next, we will look at how to properly conduct it.

Ranking factors

Like any search engine, YouTube ranks the available videos according to its algorithms. Algorithms are constantly changing, but there are several parameters that invariably affect the formation of the issue:

  • Audience retention. Long videos (10+ minutes) with good retention are much easier to get to the top.
  • Optimized title and description. Keywords should appear in the title and in the first lines of the description. The description should be made as long and completely unique as possible.
  • Video views. YouTube cannot ignore videos that many people have watched. In addition, there is a separate filter in the search results “by the number of views”. Many people use it. But here it is important to remember that cheating will not lead to anything good. If you buy views by bots, then the retention will drop, and the video will not go to the top. This works in the same way as cheating subscribers. There are thousands of followers, and 2-3 likes – darkness.
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There are other factors, the significance of which is variable:

  • Number of likes and dislikes. And their ratio to each other and views. Now YouTube only counts natural likes (that is, likes from users who watched the video, commented or otherwise showed their activity). This is done to prevent cheating.
  • Subscribers who subscribed after viewing (or during). This factor will only have an impact if the subscriber has interacted with the content.
  • Sharing and adding to favorites. These factors are also easy to cheat, and the mechanism of “counting” had to be complicated. Shares and additions to favorites will affect the promotion of the video only if, after sharing, an interaction occurs on the social network. If the video received 100 shares, but they did not bring visitors, this is a cheat and they will not be counted. If the video received 100 shares and users of the social network interacted with them (reposted, liked and followed), then this is a positive signal for YouTube.
  • Embedding videos on visited sites. If there are views from third-party sites, it is definitely a positive signal for YouTube. The same happens with external links from good sites.
  • File name. The influence of this factor is not so significant compared to the previous ones, but it will not be worse from what you include in the title of the video.

Selection of semantics

Search engine optimization videos and sites are very similar. Also important are keywords, behavioral factors, linking, links. Despite the similarity, there are differences, and we’ll talk about them.

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Video keywords

In the classic version of SEO, we search for keywords on our topic, filter out garbage and cluster. When promoting vidos, the process becomes more complicated. The fact is that Google, for example, gives different requests a different number of videos in the top. On some queries, the video may not be present, while on others – the entire top from the video.

It’s easy enough to check if the video space is allocated. Just enter the queries you are interested in in the search box and look through the results with your eyes.

Set views

A set of views. It is important to get the maximum number of views in the first 2-3 days. This increases the chance of your videos getting to the top of the categories, right up to the main page. The conclusion is appropriate – if you have a budget for this, then advertise your video. If you don’t have a budget, use social profiles. networks, their sites, mailing lists, etc.

Annotations and cards

A competent study of the annotation for a video can solve any problem: gain subscribers, bring people to the site, improve some kind of behavioral factor, etc.

Calls to action, communication with the audience

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about this – if you want the audience to take an action, just ask for it. If in the description, annotations or comments you ask a person to take some action (like, comment, share), then the result will not leave itself waiting.


Adding tags to videos also plays a role in the promotion, provided you add them correctly. Add tags for the following groups:

  • General channel tags. Repeated in all videos.
  • Generic gear cycle tags. Repeated in specific broadcasts.
  • Unique tags for a specific video. Unique to each video.
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Without analyzing your actions, you will not get far in promotion. We recommend tracking two indicators:

  • Retention – the retention report allows you to understand what types of videos are performing well and are interesting to your audience (with its help you will understand how interesting the video was for your target audience).
  • Realtime – realtime shows how users have interacted with your video in the last 48 hours (this report gives an idea of ​​the best time to release a video).


SEO optimization on youtube can move you and your creativity or business to the first lines in the search and bring you popularity and profit.

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