SEO site optimization on Bitrix

Seo site optimization on bitrix

In one of our articles, we mentioned 1C-Bitrix as an excellent platform for a corporate website. Yes it is. In terms of reliability, almost none of the control systems on the market can compare with this CMS. And this is an important feature for every company. But, the main application of Bitrix is ​​the creation of online stores. Here he has no equal.

For comparison, if your online store has two or three hundred products, then it is better to quickly create a store on WordPress – it will work faster. If the number of your products exceeds a thousand, then Bitrix is ​​your choice.

The fact that the system is a paid solution no longer bothers anyone, because these expenses are justified. But, there is a much more serious factor that causes inconvenience to everyone. The weak point of this CMS is performance. Because of this:

  • It’s hard for developers to make changes to resource pages.
  • If the page takes a couple of minutes to load, it’s bad for users. They just won’t wait that long and leave, and this overwhelms the behavioral factors.
  • Search engines do not raise or lower a site’s rankings because behavioral factors and page loading speed are the most important site ranking factors today.

After all, paying a very impressive amount for the engine of your online store, and getting only the disappointment of buyers is a bad prospect. Today, the problem of performance can be solved by competently adjusting SEO parameters in a recently added module.

In this article, we will go over the basic parameters that can be configured, and you will understand how simple it is.

Bitrix SEO module

Great news for those who thought they would have to pay again. This module is delivered immediately upon purchase of the engine. You can use it at no extra cost. Access to it opens from the admin panel (admin panel).

The module contains the following tab tools:

  • The Pages tab contains basic information. About titles, links, tags, highlighted text and other important parameters. The system will always prompt you if you forgot to fill in important fields.
  • Promoted Words is one of the most useful tools. It will show a list of phrases by which the page is moving and indicate how many times they have been used. This is a handy tool for detecting overspam with keywords or, on the contrary, not using any keywords.
  • Interesting functionality is located on the “Management” tab. Here you can manage and change H1, Title, Description, KeyWords of pages. If the title and H1 really affect the position of the site in the search results, then Description today remains so that the search engine can better understand the content of the page, and also to form the site snippet when it hits the search results on request.
  • The rest of the tabs – tools are just a collection of statistics from other sources. They are available no less than in the “Business” tariff, so there is no point in considering them.
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Seo setting elements in Bitrix

In this block, we will consider in detail the tools that can be used for competent search engine optimization.

SEO templates

When you have hundreds or, better yet, thousands of pages, the dummy tool dramatically reduces the number of killed man-hours and thought fuel. You can customize templates for:

  • meta tags title and description;
  • headings of sections / elements (h1, h2, etc.);
  • image attributes (alt and title) and even the names of the graphic files themselves;
  • if necessary, you can set up a product category template, which will automatically generate the names of products in the listing.

There you can also set up information block elements (name, price, color and others). Most importantly, customization can be done at the category level or down to the level of individual products.

The only downside is that the setting affects the category and everything inside it. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct customization from the deepest pages to the superficial ones.

One way or another – templates greatly simplify the work of the optimizer. Think for yourself how long it would take to manually prescribe these parameters! Wow, creepy!


The SEO-Module built into 1C-Bitrix allows you to edit an important file – Robots.txt. This file for search robots is a kind of instruction, they say, “where you can go on your site, and where you can’t”. By default, the search engine can index all pages found on the site and a lot of internal information of the company and users will be publicly available. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to create an instruction for search robots.

The main feature is that the module also tells you which rule performs what functions, which means that this SEO module will greatly simplify the “finishing” of the robots.txt file.

Sitemap setup

Sitemap is another important ranking factor. It helps users and search engines navigate your resource. With the built-in Bitrix functionality, you can add the necessary elements to the map and exclude unnecessary elements.

Optimizing download speed

We noted that Bitrix is ​​a “heavy” system. Therefore, you need to know about the tools to accelerate it. The most important of these is caching. It is used to avoid transmitting the same data multiple times.

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It works like this: when a user enters the site, part of the data (images, for example) is loaded via the Internet into the browser cache. And when the user visits the corresponding page, the graphics are no longer loaded from the site itself, but from the cache. The Cache Dependencies technology automatically updates the browser cache if the data in it has lost its relevance. This tool will only work if the user does not have a cache ban.

There is one more technology – “Composite site”. It works like this:

  • the page is divided into static and dynamic parts;
  • the static part of the page is cached and displayed immediately;
  • the dynamic part is loaded in the background;
  • combining css and js files significantly reduces the number of requests, and this increases the speed of work.

As the developers assure, this technology significantly affects the speed of loading pages in browsers.


The microformat is already present in the Bitrix factory assembly. This means that it is easier for a search engine to initially recognize the type of content (products, articles, and more) and divide the page into zones (header, sidebar, footer, breadcrumbs, and more). This leads to the fact that the search engine better understands what exactly is on the page and makes a relevant snippet.

Site URL

CNC (human-readable urls) have become an integral part of our life. Today we rarely find ourselves on sites with page addresses consisting of a jumble of letters and numbers. Today we can immediately understand by url what the company is doing. Therefore, we set up the CNC. 1C-Bitrix allows:

  • Automatically translate H1 into a url address and generate a CNC from it.
  • Set the address yourself.

Difficulties of seo optimization in bitrix

If you are touched by the need to conduct search engine optimization on your resource where Bitrix is ​​installed, then get ready for a long job. Basically, the work is complicated by the fragmentation in the location of related parameters. There is no single control panel: you can complete a number of tasks yourself in a few hours from the admin panel, and you will have to cope with one of them the old fashioned way – through programmers, FTP and prayers :).

  • There are other complications as well. Initially, this system was conceived for the massive creation and promotion of pages. Therefore, no one thought about the situation when the task is to edit only a few pages.
  • The SEO Bitrix module will also not help you in setting up filters, pages with navigation, search pages and other technical elements. They are done the old fashioned way: through programmers.
  • A large number of duplicate dynamic pages are created. And this prevents the site from being indexed. The developers are aware of this problem and have come up with a solution. Ability to set rel = “canonical” tag on duplicates. He tells the search engine that this page is a duplicate.
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As you can see, the CMS has no fatal flaws, the basic and necessary functions are built into the module, and if you want to expand the functionality, your knowledge of PHP and third-party plugins, which can also be downloaded from the official website, will help you.

Pros of seo promotion Bitrix

You can’t just scold for the fact that it is complex and takes a lot of time to work with it. This CMS also has quite tangible advantages:

  • Easier to find a developer and optimizer. There are thousands of partners and certified specialists. But only a few are able to work with Bitrix by all standards. It turns out that people, instead of writing a new project from scratch, take ready-made modules and stick them together, seasoning it all with self-written code. Formally, the site is on Bitrix, but in fact it is some kind of Frankenstein. Therefore, choose a developer and optimizer responsibly.
  • Huge selection of special stages (modules, sites, components and templates). All under 1C-Bitrix. And, as described above, it is possible to customize the components to meet the conditions of competent search engine promotion. In addition, this is the ability to do various integrations (CRM, mail, cash registers, and more). It has little to do with SEO, but the necessary functionality for an online store.
  • Protection. A whole range of measures is provided to protect the site. Proactive protection module, web antivirus, protection of authorized sessions, secure authorization via SSL protocol, protection against DDoS attacks. The search engine sees all this perfectly and encourages those who care about the safety of their users.


In this article we have shown that this CMS is ideal for the search engine promotion of an online store. It is especially good that the necessary functionality is supplied immediately “in the kit” and you do not have to modify something yourself.

With the release of version 14.0, work has been greatly simplified for optimizers. The emerging SEO module, although not perfect, is quite suitable for the massive promotion of pages on the Internet. In addition, now there is an opportunity to purchase or receive shareware additional necessary functionality. The functionality described in the article is basic, but at first it should be enough for you.

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