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Bryant’s game was completed six times, got 73 yards, and the two data troops were second only to Terns Williams. Williams completed 9 battles, got 141 yards, and hurt the ankle. Williams said that the ankle is just sore pain, and it has been hurt for a while.

During the absence of Skock, David Andrews and the old Ryan Wendell shared the appearance time in the training. If necessary, Josh Kline is also a spare option for the team. At present, the biggest vulnerability in the offensive group of the patriot is the inside of the offensive. Whether Stoc can play and will affect the team’s offensive efficiency to a certain extent.

“We have started training camp, or wearing a training camp in wearing armor, from the perspective of making players to get a success in the scene, I have to do what I think the most favored team, which means we have to know Some of our players, especially young players, “Pederson said. “We have not seen these rookie performances at the scene. When we conduct training camps, we will compete with each other from the perspective of training camp, let players compete with each other and then look at their ability and then try to determine 53 people at the end of the training camp. It is my work as a coach. “

External hand dez bryant hurts the ankle in the second half of the game, when he interviewed, he stated that an ankle “was a bit sore, and there was a silt.” The main coach Jason Galrett said Bryant was sprained, but the severity of the injury still needs to be further diagnosed.

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Stanton has passed the Ramp in the past five years, replacing the injured Carson-Palmer (Carson Palmer) last season. Last year, he did 159 pass attempts, completed 79 times, obtained 894 yards, 6 reached, 5 times were copied.

Although the Hawks have been concerned about Lynch’s age and injury, they still decide to stay in the team in the team. In the past four seasons, Linqi has more than 1200 yards per season. The team expects him to maintain a state, and hit the super bowl again next season.

For the Stanon, four quarters of four points have been included in the Brown. In addition to the current confirmation of Tyrod Taylor, Kevin Hogan and Cody Kessler are also in the depth lineup. Brown, hand-held, and Wholesale Jerseys 4 signs, it is likely to take a four-point guard in the draft, which seems that Hogan and Kathler have to go one.

[Play in the playoffs] New England Patriots

As a first successful team in the 21st century, last year, after the Atlanta Wins the ram, the team got the sixth super bow since the team. As a defending champion, a four-year United Association champion, the patriot is called king in the United States of America.

Lin Qi will renew the Hawks to the 2017 season

The future of the Marshawn Lynch, which affects the heart of each Seattle Eagle fan. Now, fans can finally be relieved. According to NFL official website reporters, Lin Qi will have a contract with Hawks for about two years, and the contract will be worth $ 24 million. In the last year of the original contract, this renewal will extend Linqi’s contract to the end of the 2017 season.

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In this renewal, Linqi will get 7.5 million signing bonuses, 12 million of contracts in the contract. At the same time, the two sides will fine-tune the next season, the original 5 million fundamental annual salary will be reduced to 4.5 million, but the impact on the wage-cap is still constant, still 8.5 million. Lynch’s basic wages in 2016 and 2017 were 9 million and 7 million respectively. If he is still a member of the Hawk, he will also get 3 million lineup rewards.

“As I said earlier, this is what we have to find solutions in creative methods. Whether I will conduct more teams to fight training & mdash; & mdash; I will have two times during the training camp. Training, “said Pederson in an interview. “I have to hold more to fight training, let our young players, let us need to assess the players to participate in these training. I have to find ways to simulate the game in training, because we can’t make a preseason. This will definitely do it. Arrived. Our coach group will play an idea, and we will eventually find the answer you need at the end of the training camp. “

Eagle coach: Consider holding more in training camps to fight training

In view of this year, there will be no preseason, the coaches of each team need to find new ways to make the team prepare for the new season while assessing the qualifications of competition.

This year, excavation of young players who can make contributions will be more difficult. Because if the team is affected by the new crown, the spending group players may play a bigger role, finding a good player can play a necessary task in the training camp.

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In the case where there is no preseason, it is the most close to actual workout opportunity. In any case, the epidemic has a problem for each team coach. In this case, you can play the best level assessment player and perfect the lineup team will occupy the first opportunity in the new season.

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