VKontakte changes the principle of ranking Business Pages stories

VK Business Pages stories are now ranked in a new way.

Thanks to smart algorithms, stories from favorite publics will be collected from users in the main block, next to the stories of friends.

Stories are a very important tool for communicating with your audience. On VK, they are viewed over 4.3 billion times per month. If your business uses stories wisely, you can increase subscriber activity, increase sales and improve brand relations.

If there is little engagement in the community, then stories will help bring subscribers to dialogue. You can collect feedback and reviews using the “Opinions” sticker and post responses, arrange polls, games, contests, etc.

Note that from the beginning of August, VK Business Pages began receiving weekly reports on the community. The report collects the most important metrics that will come in handy when working with advertising or content planning and help you develop your community more effectively.

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