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Website design development is a laborious process, which means designing a user web interface. Specialists think over the structure of each page, are engaged in decoration and implement creative ideas. Professionals not only use their experience, but also follow fashion trends. What exactly is it about? In this article, we will look at the current trends in web design.

Parallax is a unique technology

This is a solution that changes the visibility of objects in relation to the distant background. This creates depth and three-dimensional space. This technology is used in the development of sites in different directions. It is characterized by uniqueness and showiness.

Split screen

This is a technique that is becoming more popular every year. There is a view / du split of the screen into parts on which information related to each other is displayed. Split screen is relevant in several cases. The first option is that the user needs to simultaneously convey two offers. The second option is to combine a picture with an important text message.

Volume illusion

When using three-dimensional objects, the site becomes original and memorable. With the help of 3D graphics, customers’ attention is drawn to products and profit is increased. Site visitors make purchases more often, because they carefully examine the goods and try on clothes, shoes on a virtual model.

Beautiful doodles

This is the current trend in web design, which creates a special atmosphere on the site. Doodles are hand-drawn illustrations. They give an online store or blog a special charm. Doodles are created by talented designers. They develop unusual ideas and bring them to life.

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Digital storytelling

This is a way of communicating with visitors, which is often used when developing unusual sites. It means an interface for telling a story about a company or a product. Digital storytelling is a tool that arouses positive emotions in shoppers. They see a beautiful story and want to understand it to the end.

Duplex in web design

The essence of this technology is that the image uses only two colors and their halftones. For example, you can combine green and yellow, blue and purple. The duplex effect creates unique pictures that look original and impressive.

Fancy fonts

Unusual letter sizes and interesting fonts are used to attract users’ attention. But that is not all. Web designers experiment with text directions. Product or service names are displayed diagonally. At the sight of such inscriptions, visitors stay on the site longer and get acquainted with the goods and services. This contributes to business development and sales.

Laconic solutions

Minimalism is something that is easily perceived and associated with rigor. Laconic solutions are relevant when developing online stores and large portals. Minimalism should not be confused with a white background and black type. A web designer is adept at working with details and filling free space with simple elements. There are no unnecessary objects on the site that interfere with the user. The emphasis is on the main thing: drawing attention to the product, to the company’s advantages.

Animated logos

To be competitive, you need to implement creative ideas. They mean animated logos specially designed for the site. They look original and captivate the audience. Users are used to seeing a static image on the screen. When the picture comes to life, visitors instantly pay attention to the object and stay on the site. This is the main reason why animated logos are always in demand.

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Do you like “live” photos that cause a storm of positive emotions? This refers to cinemagrams on which individual elements of the picture are animated. This creates smooth animation and the illusion of watching the video.

Dark theme

This is the latest trend in website and mobile app design. Nowadays, it is increasingly possible to customize the interface by the user. The site visitor can choose a light or dark theme, depending on their mood and personal preference. Sites with a dark theme look sophisticated and solid. They are preferred by customers who value originality.

Each solution that we talked about is a self-sufficient idea for website development. When several elements are successfully combined, an unusual site is created. Users come back to it again and again. This is a great result that depends on the talent of the web designer!

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