Website promotion in Google

Website promotion in google

Promotion strategies in different search engines will differ from each other. The reasons for this are that each search engine is a completely independent structure and independently determines important criteria for a site that can reach the TOP of search results.

In this article, we will look at the search engine optimization of sites on google. You will learn about the factors that this search engine values ​​and how to use them correctly.

Who needs search engine promotion on Google

Google’s share of search traffic is 40% and is growing steadily. Mainly at the expense of mobile users (Google is preinstalled on phones as the main browser).

Here’s your first insight – you need seo on google if your products or services are searched for from your phone. What are these goods or services:

  • Urgent repair of gadgets, clothes or shoes. The need for repairs arises unexpectedly outside the home. Only a mobile device is at hand.
  • Services like car service or tire fitting. Another example of a situational search for services.
  • Food ordering. Relevant on any weekday :).

Any business that provides ad-hoc services needs to promote their website on Google. But, even if your business involves some kind of purchase planning, then in those 40% of Google users you will find your customers.

Factors of “success” of the site in the eyes of Google

Below we will talk about what factors are especially trusted by the search engine.

Fast download speed

Remember that a lot of views will come from mobile devices. Internet speed on them will not be ideal, so the site should load easily. You can check the loading speed using the PageSpeed ​​Insights service. He will not only show the results of the check, but also indicate errors and how to fix them.


Back to the topic of using mobile devices. Your site should be displayed correctly on any device, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone. A website that is not optimized for display on mobile devices will never rank in the TOP.

Sign up with Google Search Consol and Google My Business

The first service will allow you to receive analytics from your resource (statistics on page indexing, identify errors, show visits, and more). Another panel for webmasters allows you to check the service robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.

Google My Business will allow you to place yourself on Google Maps. The fact is that people often choose where to buy a product or receive a service on a territorial basis (closer to home or work). A card in the card service will give you additional traffic to the site.

Secure HTTPS protocol

You definitely need it if you accept or want to accept payments from your customers on the site. Without it, when entering the site, your visitors will be shown a page stating that it is not safe to visit and pay for anything on this site.

Quality links

Yes, link promotion is not dead. And Google, to a greater extent than Yandex, takes into account the link mass in the ranking. Only these should be really high-quality links, and not cheap links purchased in a bundle from adult sites.

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Quality content

Google loves him especially. To get out and stay in the TOP of search results, you need to regularly create high-quality content and update existing pages. You should not publish a seo mess, but articles that are useful to your customers.

Practical tips for promoting sites on Google

Based on the factors that google pays close attention to, you can form recommendations for working on promotion.

Increase download speed

Optimal loading times are in the range of one to three seconds. If more than three seconds pass and the page does not load, then about half of the visitors simply leave it. Reduce your download time in the following ways:

  • Disable unnecessary animation on the site. Beauty should not harm speed and functionality.
  • Optimize photos and videos for web publishing. Photos can be compressed 8-10 times without noticeable loss in quality, and the video can be placed on external hosting so as not to burden yours (upload the video to YouTube and copy the embed code on the site).
  • When choosing a hosting, pay attention to the declared server response speed, it should be no more than 200 ms. And when choosing a content management system (CMS), pay attention to the need for additional settings to reduce loading time. For example, WordPress is natively optimized for fast loading, while Bitrix and Joomla are not.


In order for the site to be displayed correctly on all devices, be it a smartphone, tablet or personal computer, you can use the following methods:

  • Responsive web design. This is a configuration in which the server sends the same HTML code to any device, and the page elements are sized using CSS.
  • Dynamic display – the server sends different variants of HTML and CSS code in response to a request for a specific URL. When choosing the desired option, the system takes into account the user’s device.
  • Different url. This configuration assumes that the mobile and desktop versions of a web page are hosted at different URLs.

In today’s environment, it is much easier to use the concept of responsive web design. You can check your site for its “adaptability” by following the link.

Registration in Google services and translation to https

It is difficult to add something to the importance of these points. Yes, it is foolish to neglect the opportunity to get all the services for working with a search engine in one place, and besides, for free. So use it)

And translation to https – the protocol should not be postponed. The presence of this protocol is a signal to the search engine that you can be trusted, because you care about saving the personal data of your customers.

Quality links

Link promotion has changed since its inception. If earlier it was the basis and a place in the TOP was received by the site with the largest number of links, today links are no longer the dominant factor, although they are important.

Link building has received its modern name – link building (literally – link building). In fact, competent link building today can be considered more of an art. Below we will tell you how to build up this “mass”.

  1. Wisely. It is necessary to understand that the success of promotion depends on the quality of links and you need to think twice (or better three times) about whether you need a link from any resource. You’d better have 10 quality links than 1000 junk links.
  2. Smooth and stable. You should not have sharp jumps in build-up, just like downward dips. This way you can build up a very significant volume of links without attracting too much attention from search engines.
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There are several ways to build natural link mass:

  • By purchasing links. This can be done in the “article marketing” service Here you can buy a link and choose a site for placement, but for a link you will have to write an interesting article, not a SEO gruel :).

    Of the advantages of this service, we can note: manual posting and moderation of your articles (you won’t be able to push through anything), as well as a one-time payment (articles and press releases are posted for the entire period of the site’s work with a one-time payment)

  • Engaged in guest blogging. You can write an interesting article on your topic and offer to post it on a blog similar to your topic in exchange for a link to your site. Not everyone will agree to this, but you won’t have to look for a long time. 3-4 out of 10 people will be interested.
  • Becoming your “boyfriend” in specialized communities and forums. In order to improve the position of your site, place a link to it in your social media profile description or your account description on the forum where your potential target audience sits. By actively communicating and attracting attention to yourself, you will receive stable transitions to your resource.
  • Post useful content on your site and encourage site visitors to share it on social media and other channels. To do this, place the “share” buttons on the pages with the posts you want to promote. Search engines value links generated this way.

Create quality content and optimize it

Your main task is to write content that is interesting to your website visitors, be it text, video or audio track. It is important not only to create high-quality content, but also to properly optimize it so that the content will also be liked by search engines.

  • One of the first things to consider when optimizing content is its uniqueness. Content must be unique. This applies equally to text and video and audio files.

    The uniqueness of photo, video and audio is achieved by the fact that you create these types of content yourself or buy the rights to use.

    The text is a little more complicated. Even if you partially reprint content from another site, its uniqueness should be at least 60%. Recommended uniqueness for successful promotion 90%. You can check the uniqueness of the text for free here.

  • Create content with a broad semantic core in mind. The most optimal way to advance to the TOP today is to collect a wide semantic core with the inclusion of many low-frequency queries. People who come to the site for these requests have formed their need (they know what they want), which means they are more inclined to buy. You can collect a wide core either manually using the service, or using KeyCollector programs and others.
  • Optimize photos and videos for posting on the site. The speed of your resource depends on it. You can compress images using this service. And for optimal placement of the video, first upload it to YouTube, and then insert the video code into the website page.
  • Add Description, Title, H1 – H6 headers, Keywords and Alt for images.

    Title – the title of the page. It will be displayed everywhere: in search results, on a browser tab, in bookmarks and other places. It is necessary to bring the title in line with the promoted requests. Include 1-2 of the most popular keywords (no more). Remember that the task of the title is to fully describe the content of the page.

    Description – additional explanation for Title. This tag does not play a role in search promotion, but it participates in the formation of a snippet (a small explanation placed under the title in the search results). Include 1-2 more keywords, description of benefits or special offers for your customers.

    Headings H1 – H6 are necessary for structuring information and dividing it into easy-to-digest blocks. These headings no longer characterize the page, but only the block of text and other content enclosed in them. Remember that there can be only one h1 heading, and there can be as many others as you like.

    Keywords – currently not considered a ranking factor and does not require filling. It is a list of keys by which the page should be displayed.

    Alt or alternative text. Description of what is captured in the image. This is necessary for two reasons. The first is to help search robots determine the usefulness of the content and classify it. The second – in case of a bad Internet connection, display text in place of the picture so that the user can at least roughly understand what is depicted there.

  • Internal linking solves two big tasks in SEO.

    Completeness of indexing – search robots are among the first in indexing to check links that take away from the page and index their content. If you often have new pages, then referring to them you will help search engines to index them.

    Improving behavioral factors – user session time, for example. According to research, internal linking increases the time spent on the site by at least 30%. And for search engines, a long time on your site will mean that your resource is interesting to visitors and will rank higher.


SEO optimization for google is essential for all businesses where buyers can use smartphones to select products or services. The use of SEO methods – optimization of the site itself and placement on additional Google services (Google Maps and Google My Business) will effectively present and promote the site in this search engine.

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