Website promotion in the top Yandex

Website promotion in the top Yandex

Yandex for 2020 controls 60% of the user audience in Russia. In recent years, Google has grown significantly due to the fact that the number of people who own smartphones is increasing, but Yandex does not plan to give up its positions.

And it would be silly, in that case, not to think, but how to make the search engine show you in the top? How to adjust search engine optimization for Yandex? It would be foolish to force you to re-read training materials from the company itself and leave you alone with the search engine.

In this article, we have prepared a summary of what the company itself says about SEO promotion in Yandex and where to order website promotion in Yandex.

Why SEO is needed

The main task of search engines is to provide answers to questions. She, like an ubiquitous spider, pulls the strings, pulling up the options for answering your request. And people have come up with a whole direction in marketing, which is designed to make this “spider” pull exactly by your strings.

The technique is called SEO (search engine optimization). In fact, this is a set of measures designed to influence the search robot in the way we need.

Optimization approaches

There are several approaches, and Yandex divides them into two large groups: there is effective optimization and pseudo-optimization. The first group is used by competent webmasters and search engines will say “thank you” for using it and show you in the top. The second group can also be used, but with caution. Otherwise, it is not guaranteed that your site will not fall under the filters and sanctions of the search engine.

Effective optimization

This includes: the need to make the site more informative, interesting for the user, work on usability, navigation. This approach requires a deep understanding of your client’s interests and business needs.

Here’s how you can work on effective optimization:

  • Reduce the use of redirects (redundant redirects from pages). Use only the 301st redirect and only when the address of the required page has changed.
  • Eliminate broken links and non-existent pages that are throwing 404 errors (ideally create a creative 404 page to keep users entertained).
  • At the stage of creating a website, choose a high-quality engine so as not to fly out of search due to problems with it.
  • Develop a clear site structure and create a resource map (sitemap.xml file). In Yandex, you can upload a separate map of your site to speed up indexing. You can do this here –
  • Content optimization. Today it is no longer enough just to write keys into the text. Today it is necessary to write a simple, understandable and interesting text for the user so that he does not leave your page because he did not find anything interesting. Add images, infographics, or videos that you’ve pre-optimized for web publishing to your text to boost reader engagement.
  • Availability of safety certificates. Today, search engines carefully monitor the safety of their users. If the site does not have a security certificate or it is self-written, the system will warn about this when loading the site.
  • Availability of full contact information of the company, including details and information on payment methods.
  • Availability of updated news feed. The more often you release content that is interesting for users to read, the higher your rankings.
  • Create a stub. This item refers to the initial period of work on the site. More precisely, when you don’t have a website yet. The fact is that the search engine calculates the age of the site not from the moment the domain was registered, but from the moment when at least one page was indexed. Therefore, during the development of the site, it is recommended to use stubs – pages that honestly inform users that the site is under construction.
  • Behavioral factors. When building a website, study the behavioral factors of your audience. How your target audience behaves on the site, what she wants to see on it, what her behavior algorithm is (where they click, how often, what they pay attention to, etc.). Be sure to take the time to make the site more user-friendly so that visitors will come back again and again – behavioral factors will be on your side.

    Experts from Yandex themselves say: “The site should not only respond to the user’s request, but also provide information in an accessible and easy-to-read form.”


This is an approach, the main goal of which is to trick the search engine in order to artificially increase the position of a resource in search results. This deception affects the parameters that are used in ranking.

It should be immediately clarified that this is only a temporary opportunity to mislead the system. And when this is revealed on the next scan of your site, you will be sanctioned and no longer appear in the search. This is because every time search algorithms improve and change – they are harder to fool.

Unnatural overestimation (cheating) of factors loses its force, and the site returns to its well-deserved place in the search results. As in other areas of activity, pseudo-optimization ultimately always loses out to real quality improvement.

Here are some examples of such unwanted promotion:

  1. Link abuse. In part, the SERP is built on such a parameter as “site weight” or, in other words, authority.

    At the dawn of SEO, in order to raise the site in the issuance of the webmaster, they bought thousands of links, trying to promote their resources. Until a certain time, they succeeded. But in May 2015 Yandex introduced the Minusinsk algorithm, which removed sites that abuse links from the search results. To get out of blocking, you must completely abandon SEO links.

  2. Another “illegal” method is the oversaturation of texts on the site with keywords. Or, the so-called re-optimization of texts. In this case, they try to cram as many keywords as possible into a limited amount of text and raise the site to the top. The problem is that such text becomes unpleasant for the user to read. You may be in the top, but you are not sure whether you will have sales.
  3. The third method is to create doorways. These are sites that are optimized for some low-frequency query and are shown in the top for it. This site has no practical value, but only redirects the user to the desired site. As a result, a lot of “garbage” sites appear on the network, which the search engine excludes from the search results.

    Nobody cancels the introduction of keywords into the text or headings and no one forbids you to buy (10-20) links for yourself on a special service – an exchange to find out what it is and add the first weight to your site, but it should be noted that links do not affect promotion in Yandex in any way and will not bring any result.

If you order SEO site optimization in Yandex from a specialist, then you need to keep track of two things:

  1. A waste of the budget for SEO promotion. Be sure to request reports on the funds spent. If something is not clear, then ask.
  2. Make sure that your specialist does not sell links from your site in secret from you. This is easy to do. You can find such links yourself. Use the XENU program. It will show all broken links and all working ones. You will delete the broken ones, and if you find links that should not be there, then this is a reason for talking with your SEO.

Where to order website promotion in Yandex

And so, we come to the most interesting, especially after the revelations about the adventures of SEOs. We hasten to please you – no, they are not all like that. You just need to choose competent specialists, or better – an agency.

In the agency, at least two or three specialists will work for you. The minimum set is a seo specialist, copywriter and programmer. They will effectively share responsibilities and fulfill them on time. For the best understanding, ask the agency’s management to introduce you. This way you can see for yourself the professionalism of the specialists and you will be sure that they understand what you want from them.

SEO price for displaying in top yandex

How much does SEO promotion cost? How to determine the cost of a service? There are several criteria:

  • Cost of services of a SEO specialist;
  • The cost of copywriting services;
  • Programmer services cost
  • The costs of using various services.

In Moscow, tariffs start from 45-50 thousand per month and can easily go up to hundreds. The region of service provision matters. Outside the capital, the cost of services falls. In different cities and regions, SEO can cost from 15-20 thousand per month.


Ultimately, SEO is only effective if you play by the rules of the search engines. You can fill in meta tags, headers, violas, write quality material, sparing no expense, but you should not go all out.

One way or another, but pseudo-optimization does not lead to any positive result. If you or your contractor succeeds in pushing the site to the top for some short period of time, then these actions will entail sanctions in relation to your resource. You will get out of them for a very long time.

Using SEO as a marketing tool should be an important part of your promotion strategy. Website promotion in Yandex is not fast. Naturally, you need to be patient and wait for the result. It’s worth it. It’s not for nothing that we say every time that the context works for you as long as you pay, and SEO – all the time.

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