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What is a QR code and why is it needed in simple words?

The rise of QR codes has made these quirky black and white checkered squares an element of everyday life that is often taken for granted. Usually those who know what they are associate with simple actions, few people know about the enormous potential of this harmless piece of new technology. Today QR codes have found application not only in manufacturing and logistics, but also in trade, transport, marketing communications and advertising.

They can help you track product, personnel, make learning more fun, and even interactive on websites.

We will show you some innovative ways to add QR codes to your websites, and also make the learning process more intuitive and free while people are using it.

The QR code allows you to track the presence / absence of a product, personnel, make training more fun, and even for interactive use on websites.

You can quickly and easily transfer:

Link to the page.

To avoid the risk that users may misspell the name of your service or download something incorrectly, it would be easier to place a QR code.


The easiest way to save contact information from the site directly to any smartphone is to use the vCard Plus QR code. Instead of manually saving contact details. This is a convenient way to provide contact information interested in contacting you.

Geographical coordinates.

This allows you to enter information to generate a QR code where the location, latitude and longitude will be stored. This may include the address of an office or meeting point.

WIFI access.

Code consisting of SSID, password and network type. The mobile device will recognize it as WiFi access information.

Text information.

It can contain a large amount of digital and text information in any language.

You can greatly benefit from using QR codes by looking at different areas of your site that can be time consuming or difficult for your visitors to use.

Important! QR code recognition by a mobile device is only possible with the appropriate software. You can get it in the AppStore and Play Market mobile app stores.

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