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What is a responsive site?

Responsive web design: key concepts

The main goal of responsive web design is to display information correctly across devices. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Therefore, people are increasingly buying gadgets and using them to make purchases and work. They choose products from online stores and look for other information. If the site is not mobile-friendly, it becomes impossible or difficult to get to know the content on a small screen. The user doesn’t like this. He leaves the online store and gives preference to another web resource.

What changes when the site is adapted? After carrying out complex work, a good visual perception of information is provided, regardless of the characteristics of the device screen. When a user visits an online store, the site dynamically adjusts to the display size and browser settings. Therefore, no difficulties arise. There is no need to scale and scroll horizontally.

The main features of a responsive web design include the following positive aspects:

  • pictures are automatically adjusted to the screen size – this is relevant, even if, when viewed on a computer, they occupied all the space;

  • no horizontal scrolling – pictures and text are displayed on the screen of the mobile device. No need to worry about information being outside the visible area;

  • vertical page orientation is a rational solution that makes it easier to familiarize yourself with the content. To read an article or view a collection of clothes, the user does not need to change anything;

  • convenience – elements located in one row do not decrease. Therefore, difficulties in reading the text do not appear. Elements are automatically rearranged to maintain their original size and not degrade reading;

  • practicality – buttons and other clickable elements are shown in their normal size. The user does not need to adjust to press the little button.

The importance of responsive design for an online store

The owners of commercial web resources understand that they cannot lose potential customers and buyers. This is correct, since users quickly leave sites that incorrectly display the information they are interested in. Why zoom in and zoom in on buttons when you can find another store and shop there? This is exactly what many Internet users think.

Responsive web design is what an online store desperately needs. The mobile audience is growing every year. If earlier only representatives of the younger generation had smartphones and tablets, today almost all people use gadgets. This means that responsive web design is not just a good thing for an online store, but a necessity. In this way, you can attract the attention of consumers who use mobile devices rather than computers.

Visitors to online stores rely on the fact that they will make purchases on a site with a clear and functional interface. It is necessary to take into account their wishes and not force them to perform additional actions: enlarging pictures, searching for buttons, scrolling. When everything is done correctly, the owners of modern gadgets quickly find the information of interest. They shop as easily as if they were using a desktop computer.

The presence of an adaptive version of the site is an advantage thanks to which wide horizons open up for the owners of online stores:

  • increasing competitiveness is an integral part of successful business and business development;

  • expanding the target audience – stores compatible with gadgets attract the attention of users. Visitors appreciate the convenience of the site and become regular customers;

  • stable profit – high traffic is typical for responsive sites. This contributes to increased sales and higher profits.

Pros of a responsive website

Responsive website – care about user-friendliness. This is a step to ensure that visitors to a store or a commercial web resource can easily perform targeted actions. This means making purchases, downloading e-books, making applications for any services.

The benefits of a responsive site don’t stop there. There are other pluses:

  1. Versatility – Responsive design isn’t just about smartphones. We are talking about any device connected to the Internet.

  2. Promotion – responsive sites are popular with search engines. The web resource is displayed in the TOP, and the number of store visitors increases.

  3. Saving resources – no need to spend time and money on website development for different devices. One version is enough, which will work on all gadgets.

  4. Sales growth – with the correct page display, the likelihood that the user will visit the store again and make a purchase increases.

  5. Innovation – specialists implement relevant ideas and develop creative solutions.

Responsive sites aim to effectively interact with users. In the future, the number of transactions and purchases from mobile devices will increase. Therefore, you need to take into account the needs of the target audience. This is the key to successful business development!

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