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What WordPress plugins can help speed up website loading speed

Any site owner wants his site to load and work quickly. The site itself will not work at high speed, especially if the content is heavy and the number of user visits exceeds several hundred daily. WordPress provides plugins to help you speed up the loading and operation of the resource. And this, in turn, in addition to customer loyalty, affects the positions taken in the search engine results, since Google takes into account the site loading time. So who are your assistants?

All site owners want their assets to load quickly. If the site has heavy content, then it just won’t be able to load at maximum speed. With WordPress, you can speed up this process by using certain tools. When a site opens quickly, user loyalty rises, and the site automatically improves its metrics to get into the top positions in search engines. After all, one of the important factors Google highlights download speed.

There is a special Google Page Speed ​​tool that can improve the speed of website opening.

Why do you need to speed up the work of the site on WordPress? What factors influence this?

There are a number of reasons for this:

· Improve conversion. It has been noticed that the maximum time a visitor is willing to wait is 3 seconds. If the download takes longer, the user will simply leave the site and go to the one that opens faster. We can say that the first thing that determines the traffic of a resource is its speed of work. For a user to get to the site at all, it must load quickly.

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· Improve usability. This point is directly related to the previous one. Convenient use of the resource primarily depends on its download speed.

· Raise positions in search engines. Google claims that fast loading has a direct impact on a site’s ranking. So take care of your visitors and work on speedy loading of the site.

The main factor affecting the speed of the site is its weight. If it’s not overloaded with content, it will open quickly. Work on optimizing the site weight.

Pay attention to the topic. The simpler and easier the topic of the resource, the more people will get to it. Talk to the developers, “walk” the forums in search of information, test template options using special programs. Check which ones are faster. If the topic is too cumbersome, then simplify it. Sometimes it will be enough to remove animation videos, heavy widgets and a lot of unnecessary ads.

If your resource has high levels of traffic, then expand the site’s memory. Memory resources and other sources can improve site loading speed.

Keep track of the size of the images, do not overload the site with them. Place pictures in the extension required for your resource. Don’t translate them into html language. Remove the information gps coordinates of the photo from the properties of the pictures. WordPress WP plugins will help you with this.

Get rid of plugins that your site doesn’t need. Plugins that are illiterately coded and contain many features increase load times. These include those containing javascript and css files.

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What are the tools to measure the speed of a website?

The most important speed optimization tool is the page speed tool. Before you start optimizing, measure the load and test it every time after every change. This will help you understand what factors are holding back the process.

WordPress plugins that will increase the speed of the resource.

This list of plugins is Russified and free. We present it for the owners of web sites.

Optimize Database.

When a post is edited, WordPress saves a copy of it and moves it to the database. To increase speed, optimize the database – clean up all unnecessary things using a plugin.

How will it help:

· Delete the backup of posts and determine their possible number for storage;

· Trebeks, unnecessary tags, pingbacks will be removed along with spam comments;

· Automatic log optimization;

· Optimized database tables.

Please select PHP 5.0 or higher to use this plugin.

WP Fastest Cache.

The plugin caches pages using static html files.

What is the emphasis:

· Pages of users who visited the site are cached in the browser;

· Compression in gzip format;

· Css files are reduced in size;

· Optimized code.

Compatibility with HTTPS is possible. Do not use with Miltisite mode. Supports WordPress 3.3 and above.

PageSpeed ​​Module.

To speed up loading, special page settings open. A prerequisite is the use of open source Apache or Nginx on web servers.

What’s happening:

· To bypass PageSpeed ​​caching, developer mode is enabled;

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· Modules are removed from the cache.

This plugin requires an Nginx or Apache web server. Versions from WordPress 4.4 are suitable.

All in One SEO Pack

Seo site optimization, page loading acceleration.


· Changes to the site are communicated to Google;

· Modification of plugins based on the built-in API;

· Supports Google Analytics;

· Downloading the mobile version through Google AMP;

· Meta tags are generated and headers are optimized;

· Other opportunities for SEO optimization.

Supports versions above PHP 5.2.4 and WordPress 4.7.


By choosing quality plugins, you will provide yourself with management tools site, or rather for increasing speed his download… This way you will keep visitors on your page who do not like to wait long. Plus, you won’t be touched by Google’s algorithms that don’t skip sites with long loading times.

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