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“We all hope that Roland can catch up with the game, he is restoring injuries a little bit.” Galtite said. He also confirmed that after the nuclear magnetic resonance examination, the high ankle sprained first defensive DRRRER McRermland McClain, and there is also a strong sideline guard, a new show Anthony, a new show. (Anthony Hitchens), while the first trip-Frien Doug Free will be likely to be absent from the fourth game.

El Wen also once again affirmed Mark Sanchez: “The first thing in our sniper is to win Mark, we have a high expectation for him, so he is here good, we need him to go Competition, we need a strange troops, we pay for time and energy for this, which is why we don’t want to pay too much salary for a monk. “

Cowboy running guards by policeUsually after you are intercepted by the police, you will feel panic and scared, what do I think about me in my heart? Do I have to receive a penalty? My insurance is going to finish!

The data acquired by Nielsen in 10 seasons is enough to make his top team’s greatest rancore. In 136 games, he completed 550 times (team 3), obtained 7848 yards (fifth team fifth), achieved 69 times to Dagua (Team History Second), 25 games Bai (team 3). In addition, he is the only player in the history of packaging team (2011, 2014 and 2016).

Cowboy defensive group core is facing injuriesCowboy coach Jason, Jason Garrett, confirmed that the starting midline Dallando – Rolando McClain appeared in the game of the package, need to recover the test through the brain shock, and to take the customer to sprain . He responded to his head when an interview was injured in the neck after the game of the lion.

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Recently, Dallas Cowboy’s Run Kristine Michael released a photo with a policeman on its instagram. It is reported that Michael was stopped by the police at high speed. Michael wrote in the message: “Let me stop just for a photo …” I really let the crying to take a photo.

This is a huge loss for the eagle, because Pitas’s influence in the protection of the ball can not be ignored, Carson Wentz will have a tired scene. The reaction of his injured teammates on Monday night proved everything: dozens of people pray for everything in Pites.

Buckley is also a new show that the first five games have been promoted in the first five games in Adrian Peterson and Kareem Hunt. He completed at least 24 yards in four games, including 68 yards, 57 yards and two times.

“I have never seen such an run.” Bennet said on Tuesday, “He reminded me of several people, the anesthes, the anesthes, Marshawn Lynch, the ability to balance the Shandian-Wheat Kesean McCoy, the speed is like Jamal Charles. He seems to have the advantage of these people. “

El Wen explained: “Our current situation is very surprised, because we have selected Osville when you have Manning, but we don’t know how Manning will go, if Manning is bad, we will You can let newcomers try new opportunities, now everything doesn’t work, I need to fix this for me. “

The last sentence is clearly expressed why Colin Kaepernick is unable to become a wild horse. The wild horse must like him but the contract amount has become the key to everything, so Sanchez and Parkston – Lynch (Paxton Lynch) will be higher in the future.

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Eagle defensive end: Buckley 3 professional bowl players have advantagesOn October 11th, the giant’s rookie runs the Saquen-Bark Barkley to complete a few superb performance, so that people recall him unique ability.

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