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The wild horse close-edge Davis praised Osville and he had tacit understanding

BROCK OSWEILER is now serving as the first quarter of Denver’s wild horse, coach Gary Kubiak, which begins to adopt his own preferences, which means that the close-up front is attacking in the wild horse. The system occupies more important positions.

This season, the shortcomings of patriot exposure are more and more. The four points of Weidi finally had the age visible, and the 246-pass 13th of the 13th of the game was reached twice. The close-end edue, Rob Gronkowski, is constant, no longer like the throne of the first close to the league in the past, 3 times in this game as a pass target, no one . Before this season, Josh Gordon is relapsed, the career is basically over, and CORDARRELLE PATTERSON is injured in the game today. Fortunately, the ground offensive excellent, the total public is 273 yards, running to the Sony Michel to play a good 18-time shock 116 yards.

Davis completed the top 6 battles in the team, and he only completed 2 batches in two games. Davis said he has made a tacit understanding from Osville from the first training of the wild horse. “Sometimes it takes a while to maintain the same rhythm and build a tacit understanding with him,” Davis said. “But with this guy, it seems that we have a tacit understanding from the first day.”

Dalton’s injury makes him the best season. His performance has made Tiger believes that they can end the race in the season. For Dalton’s recovery process, it is necessary to make sure he can return to the playoffs, but the news on Monday makes people have a hint to him in January.

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In the case where Dalton’s recovery time is unable to determine, the second-grade four-point guard AJ-McCarlen will complete the first hand of the completion of the career. He got 280 yards 2 times after the game, and there were two deadly copies.

[Review of the event] Patriot 24-12 defeat Bill for the 11th year

Beijing December 24th, the patriot was overcome with the partition in the same partition, and there was no suspense in the end of the year, and Tom Brady and Bill Bilchk ( Bill Belichick 18 years of cooperation between the 16th partition of Patriots (this is a big relationship with the three teams of the same partition). However, it is undeniable that it is difficult to maintain this long-term strong position in this long-term movement of the rugby.

Although many friends stay in the sea eagle, the game of the competition is the excellent member of the bombion of boom, it is going to be an opponent with them. “They are like my brothers,” he said. “They are the best friends there. But I am trying to win. I want to overcome all the team.” Brona said that he is very small for the help of the Patriot Attacking Group. He also It means that the Hawks also know his weaknesses.

Tiger leads to the Pittsburgh steel man in the United States of America, and they need to try to defeat 49 people in San Francisco, Denver Mangma and Baltimo Crow to get the first round of round holiday in the season. The lower game McCarren is expected to be the first winning Alabama University since 1987.

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After this, the patriot is 10 wins and 5 losses, Bill 5 wins and 10 losses, although not like mysteriously in the playoffs last year, but the words of Josh Allen, Josh Allen, challenge the patriot The rule of the United States can stay in the day.

The team coach Marvin, Marvin Lewis, said to the reporter four points Wei Di-Dalton No need to treat the right thumb of the fracture of the fracture. Dalton will not appear in the 49-person game in the end, the team will observe the injury weekly to determine whether Dalton can play.

If Murray breaks in this week, Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar will replace his mission. Randel This season 34 shock average code 7.0 will mainly be an initial attack, and Danbar as an excellent ball-saving guide (207 yards in this season) will mainly be a third gear.

Which team lasted for a season has the best second-line defensive topic, in Darrelle Revis, Brona, and Security Devin-McCourty Bonner and Horn Richard-Shelman (Richard Sherman) and the bangs of the Hawning Army leader, Browna said no matter which team, win the first The 49th Super Bowl Championship has the best second-line defense. “No matter who wins this game,” he said. “I am talking about his whether it is wrong? What do you think? No matter who wins this game, he uses the right to brag.”

Murray conducted surgery on Monday to repair the left hand unknown finger, he took 1687 yards and 11 times in 351 times this season. At the beginning, the team did not arrange him for the team’s mushroom training.

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According to Ian Rapoport, Dalton is expected to return to the battle season, but this depends on his recovery speed. Dalton believes in the seventeenth week return, but the recovery time of fractures is difficult to expect.

“This means a lot,” Browna said this week. “I missed this game last year. I am fortunate to follow a colorful team back to the super bowl after one year. The relationship with these teammates is like I have been in the past three years and those (Hawks) The buddies are the same. This feels good. “

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