15 useful extensions for Google Chrome for the PPC specialist

Over the years, the UAA team has used various extensions for Chrome. We have prepared a squeeze of the most commonly used.

Tag assistant

Tag Assistant will help you make sure you have set the various Google tags correctly on your page. Just go to any page and Tag Assistant will show you which tags are present and report any errors. Tag Assistant helps you check the installation of various Google tags, including Google Analytics, AdWords Conversion Tag, Google Tagmanager and many more.

Facebook pixel helper

Allows you to quickly check the correctness of the Facebook pixel on the site. Runs in the background looking for the conversion pixel and the main Facebook pixel. Reports errors. Shows the number of pixels on the page.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Google Analytics Debugger

The plugin allows you to enable the debug version of analytics.js without changing your tracking code. With it, you can not only check your own pages, but also find out how Google Analytics works on other sites.

Google Analytics Debugger


This add-on to the Yandex.Metrica service helps you find counter numbers on the page and go to reports, download a link map, a clickmap and form analytics on any page where the counter is installed, and create a counter in one click.

This add-on will be convenient for users who have several Metrics counters.


Google Analytics URl Builder

URL builder. Allows you to quickly mark up a link with UTM tags.

Google Analytics URL Builder

Wordstat assistant

The extension is a widget that is added to the pages of the service. Allows you to significantly speed up the collection of phrases. Doubles are checked automatically.

Yandex Wordstat Assistant

Yandex Wordstat Helper

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An analogue of the Wordstat assistant with almost identical functionality.

Yandex Wordstat Helper


Ghostery monitors the “invisible” side of the Internet, where spies, web bugs, pixels and beacons are hosted on sites by ad networks, content providers, site owners and various companies that monitor your online activity. Ghostery recognizes web bugs and pixels from more than 500 such companies, including Facebook and Google and others.

Ghostery - datenschutzorientierter Werbeblocker


Analogue of Ghostery. It is possible to enable tracking ban on more than 2000+ popular sites. Makes sites load faster, by an average of 27%.



EditThisCookie is a cookie manager. You can add, delete, modify, search, protect and block cookies.

EditThisCookie Url Shortener

Allows you to shorten the URL and also provides the ability to track clicks. URL Shortener (Unofficial)


Another link shortener. In addition to tracking clicks, it provides the ability to see referral sources.

Bitly |  Unleash the power of the link

Proxy for chrome

Allows you to open any sites not directly, but through a special proxy server. Great service for those who need to cheat a little about their real location and access the site, for example, as a user from the USA.

Proxy for Chrome


Allows you to quickly view the statistics of a competitor’s site. Find out how popular a website is and get instant data and estimates by traffic sources.

SimilarWeb - Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

Similartech prospecting

Another extension that allows you to make an express analysis of the activities of a competitor’s website. Provides detailed statistics for each of the web tools. Displays a list of technologies used by the website.

SimilarTech Prospecting

Most of these extensions are available for Opera and Mozilla.


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