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US Time Monday, Falcon official website reported that the team’s head coach Dan Quinn said that Jones was the cornerstone of the real team during the training camp, and hoped that he can harvest more ball reachable in the Red Area.

Murray got 39 yards 1 time in 12 shots in the hug of Houston Texas. Murray played 15 games last season, he was lacking in October after 2 games due to his toes, and then injured in the second half of the season.

The general performance in the special group has led to the idleness of Brown, but the performance of Spil and Freed Jackson also makes him look much better. Back in August, at the time, a report pointed out Brown like, it is indeed the same as him. There is a trading spurs to become a free player, and Brown should have a tree.

Falcon Hope Hario-Jones complete more red zone to catch upAtlanta Falcon’s External Hand Hario Jones JENO Jones only completed 6 batches last season, now this has become a place where the team wants to change.

According to reports, this “NFL Super Bowl Legend China” is a preheating offensive that opens upcoming the 50th super bowl. All three stars from the row Cheap Jerseys from china NFL history, I have obtained the most Super Bowl of Championships & Mdash; & mdash; Pittsburgh Steelman, and 3 people have won more than 5 super bowls with the steel people. Three people arrived in Beijing on the 17th, visited the Wanli Great Wall and the Chinese People’s Welcome Lunar Banquet in the Wanli Great Wall and the Chinese People, they visited the Beijing Bayi School. After that, they will travel to Shanghai, continue their Chinese trip, share the wonderful and charm of American football and NFL superbals to more Chinese fans.

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Bryce – Brown: “I am looking forward to the game”For Bill’s fans, it is really difficult to understand why C. J. Spiller is lost to the new England patriots on Sunday, only 12 files in the team’s 69-file attacks. Although he is not the only running guard in Buffalo, we still can’t figure out why he can’t participate more.

Last year, the Note’s price is only a fourth round of draft. After making yourself as a super bowl of the team, he can now expect other teams in the alliance to give him a contract that exceeds its value.

In recent years, NFL has been successfully achieved in the international market, and its international series has been held in the Wemblest Stadium in London, UK. At the same time, NFL has also flew in China. According to CSM data, the Chinese audience who interested NFL and American football in 2014 have reached 1.77 million, which has grown by 10 times in the past five years. The number of clubs and teams carrying American football movements have also reached nearly two hundred. Invite Prabaru to come to China to hold this “Super Bowl Legend China”, which shows the attention of NFL to the Chinese market.

Super Bowl Legend China NFL into the middle school campusNovember 18th, NFL Legend Rugby Sky Trooy-Polamaru, Ryan Clark, Ryan Clark, Ike Taylor, with NFL Super Bowl Trophy, into Beijing Bayi School, gave the school’s first student to a vivid “NFL Play 60” American American football experience class, personally taught the knowledge and skills of rugby. As the first largest sports alliance in the United States, NFL has always helped young people to establish a positive and healthy living concept, and advocate and encourage adolescents for at least 60 minutes through the “NFL Play 60” project.

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The 28-year-old Jones is only 9 times in the Red District last season, which is only the sixth place in the column of red area. Compare other players, Jordy Nelson last season is 29 times a goal of the first red area of the league, and more than 20 players are Odell Beckham Jr., respectively. Brandon Marshall and Larry Fitzgerald.

Blair Volsh showed strong regression performance On August 19th, the Viking people in Viking, Brair Walsh, is not because of the way, after all, they gave him a four-year $ 13 million contract, but the latter is in any ball 16 12. Four misses the indication of the show.

Walsh is now a member of the sea eagle, in the game of the Beijing-Tianjin people, he completed the two 52 yards of free kick attempt in Section III. After the second note, the teammate Richard Shelman (Richard Sherman) was pleased to celebrate together, and throw a few words to the Sida side of the Minnesota.

The consistent practice of the British era patriots in the player’s expenditure is to adhere to the rejection of any players to establish a market benchmark contract & mdash; & mdash; this strategy is now small. They are not willing to take higher than Rob Gronkowski’s $ 9 million annual annual contract for any close-end strike.

Sports as bridges and links in China and the people of the United States, the “lubricant” and “propeller” and “propeller” in human communication between the two countries are being brought to their unique charm. This “NFL Super Bowl Legend China” fully reflects the active promotion of American rugby. In September this year, Li Xiaolin, president of the Chinese People’s Friendship Association, gave a group of “Women, Youth, Children’s Health Global Strategy”, the United Nations Secretary-General, Pan Ki-me, Mark Vice President, Executive Vice President Mark Vice President Mark Warler ( Mr. Mark Waller has conducted a friendly talks and opened close cooperation between the two organizations. Under the active promotion of the Chinese people’s friendly association, Polamaru walked into Beijing Bayi Schools who were studying by President Xi Jinping. During his visit to the United States in the United States in September this year, President Xu Xue period visited Lin Ken high, and cordially met with the American football team, received a jersey and football with “Xi” word, and listened to a 7-to-7 American football. Explain. 100 students in the school will be invited to China next year, maybe when players from Lincoln High School can perform a real American football game for the President of the President.

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