Business Promotion with Firebase Dynamic Links

Firebase Dynamic Links are smart URLs that allow you to send existing and potential users anywhere in your iOS or Android app. Business promotion using them becomes easier.

With Dynamic Links, your users get better access to the platform on which they open your link. If a user opens a dynamic link on iOS or Android, they can be dragged directly to linked content in your native app. If a user opens the same dynamic link in a browser, they can be translated to equivalent content on your website.

In addition, Dynamic Links work with app installations: if a user opens a dynamic link on iOS or Android and does not have an app installed, the user may be prompted to install it, and after installation, your app is launched and can access the link.

How do Firebase Dynamic Links work to promote your business?

You create a dynamic link using the Firebase console, using the REST API, iOS or Android Builder, or by creating a URL by adding Dynamic Link parameters to the domain associated with your app. These options determine the links you want to open based on the user’s platform and whether your app is installed.

When a user opens one of your dynamic links, and if your app isn’t already installed, then the user is sent to the Play Store or App Store to install your app (unless otherwise noted) and your app is opened. Then you can get the link that was passed to your application and process it.

First, we will briefly talk about the concept of Deep linking. The concept of Deep linking is to open specific content of a mobile app from another app or open a mobile app when a web link is clicked.

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Let’s give an example

  • First, share your Instagram post to Twitter.
  • Now go to the Twitter app or open in your mobile browser.
  • Then watch the Instagram post in your tweets.
  • Next, click on this post, which redirects you to your own post in the Instagram app, if installed
  • If not, this message will open in the browser.

This way, by using a dynamic link, you can redirect the user to your application, rather than showing other content on the Internet that could direct the user to someone else’s site. It is also possible to send messages to other applications. This can be achieved with a custom URL scheme.

With Dynamic Links, you can easily transfer users from your mobile site to equivalent content in your application.

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Why do you need Firebase Dynamic Links to promote your business instead of the usual links?

The limitation of deep linking is that it won’t work for those users who haven’t installed your app. And with Dynamic Links, users will be redirected and see your content.

For example, you want to show a personalized welcome message to new users of the app, or you want to show promotional offers, or you want to redirect it to a specific screen in the app when you click on a link. But what if the user hasn’t installed your app?

Dynamic Links (Firebase Dynamic Links) offer the right solution.

These are the links that work for all your needs. By creating a single dynamic link, you can redirect the user to the appropriate platform. By clicking this link, mobile app users are redirected to their native app, and web users are redirected to your site with specific content.

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You can also customize this behavior. If the user hasn’t installed your app, you can either direct them to the app store or direct them to your site to show the content in a mobile browser. When the user clicks the dynamic link and installs the app, the relevant information for the promotion is still available the first time the user opens the app.

Firebase Dynamic Links requires iOS 8 or later.

How do I create dynamic Firebase links?

You can create dynamic Firebase links in three ways.

  1. Using Firebase Console
  2. Using the REST API
  3. By shaping the URL by adding Dynamic Link parameters to the domain specific to your application.

Building dynamic links with Firebase Console

  1. Click on the Dynamic Links section in your Firebase console project.
  2. Write down your Firebase Dynamic Link domain and click on NEW DYNAMIC LINK.
  3. Fill in the required information and finally press CREATE

Business Promotion with Firebase Dynamic Links

Dynamic links are smart URLs that allow you to send existing and potential users anywhere in an iOS or Android mobile app. Even new users see the content they are looking for when they first open the app. Dynamic links are free forever. They are also useful for social media link exchange. Oh ddynamic links from Google and how to work with them see on


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