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Increase sales, conclude lucrative contracts for the supply of goods, increase the flow of paying customers – this is everyone’s goal to the Internet-business. Mnogoland – contextual advertising agency – embodies not in words, but in deeds the effectiveness of contextual ads.

Promotion. contextual advertising

Feature services Mnogoland commands:

  • Maintaining site in the target market is under the patronage of a personal manager… Customer best practices are not used for other competing projects.
  • The developed strategies bring the business to the leading positions in the niche segment of the Internet market.
  • Experience in the field of CCM, provision of a full range of related services, output to the maximum result.
  • When promotion of contextual advertising the emphasis is on KPIs: dynamics, volume and cost of transactions, and not only on the number of clicks, viewed pages and CTR. These metrics are analyzed and taken into account.
  • Modern technology is used in the work: automation and connection of unique analytics for each developed site.
  • Full testing, audit is carried out, the most effective advertising campaign in the target area and market segment is selected. A unique marketing strategy is being developed with blocking negative keywords, only for selling positions.
  • Maintaining work in close cooperation with the customer at all stages.

Order contextual advertising – create a powerful tool to attract target customers.

Setting up contextual advertising

Why do you need setting up contextual advertising:

  • Distribution in search of an offer to sell a product or provide a service increases sales and distribution of services. The CCM is an effective tool for this. In turn, this type of competition has grown, as a result of the increase in rates for the transition to the site. Features of the Yandex and Google interface – presentation of announcements to the screen without scrolling and showing to all users.
  • Compete with leading advertisers by cost unlikely. The costs grow to incredible levels, and the cost per click can be $ 5-10.
  • To reduce the cost in search engines, while maintaining the number of users and consumers, you need the participation of a specialist. A customized versus a non-customized campaign is 90% of the difference in budget savings. Your ad will be shown only on targeted platforms, to real people interested in buying or ordering.
  • To sync with your basic information. The cost of goods, services at the currently valid price.
  • For optimal the cost of contextual advertising
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Setting up contextual advertising Yandex Direct

Yandex in Runet covers more than 70% of the audience, ads are shown to a multimillion audience. Contextual advertising Yandex Direct attracts at any stage of purchase-transaction-search. As an example, you own Moscow online store “Everything for creativity”. Parents from the Russian Federation, looking for sets for drawing or needlework, opted for the assortment of your store, became interested and became customers.

Setting up in Yandex focuses on the essence of the ad. Types of placement: text, graphics, multimedia, videos and many other options.

What the client will get by ordering the KMS setup in Yandex Direct:

  • Attracting people interested in the purchase-transaction at any of the cycles.
  • Placement on thematic pages or websites to showcase the offer to targeted real buyers only.
  • Placing ads on Yandex Market, geotargeting, selection under the available budget limit.
  • For medium and large businesses, placing the KMC on Yandex Bayan.

Google contextual advertising AdWords

Professional customization Google contextual advertising will give such advantages:

  • Payment only for the transition to the site or for the call.
  • Rapid formation of the target audience of the site, the drive of real customers.
  • The most precise setting of retargeting. The ad is shown to clients of a specific country, region, city, location by distance.
  • Easy advertising campaign management.

The cost of contextual advertising

Google contextual advertising and Yandex was created according to a system that gives profit to these resources. Both search engines reward advertisers for well-designed advertising campaigns. Your benefit – the effectiveness of the campaign costs less for attracting clients.

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Main indicator of use contextual advertising – price per click. It is influenced by a niche, a way of setting. Agency Mnogoland will create ads of such high quality that the system will “allow” you to pay less for attracting clientele, even with special placement of advertising. We work with payment for the result, and not for a “tick” about the amount of work done.

Lane Derrick

My name is Lane Derrick, back in 2014, he began to take an interest in SEO and webmastering, and started real projects six months later. For 6 years of practice, skills were formed that I use to this day. The main activity is website promotion and contextual advertising.

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