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Are you preparing your website for promotion? We will make a free express audit of your site. If you need to quickly conduct an SEO audit of your site, contact us. We will promptly prepare a report: site structure; keyword analysis; content; technical audit; incoming links. Fill out the form – we will help you!

Do you want to quickly conduct an express site audit before starting the promotion and are looking for a specialist? Optimizers of the web studio AVANZET will make an audit, as a result of which will be obtained: analysis of the site structure, technical audit, analysis of keywords and incoming links.

Express site audit is a quick analysis of site quality

Express site audit is needed to quickly analyze the site, identify current errors and determine the main parameters of the project. It is usually enough to determine the scope of work to promote the resource.

When ordering a promotion service, we will make a detailed audit and prepare a plan that will explain what and how to change, what internal and external SEO optimization to carry out. We will find all the usability errors of your site and show you how to fix them!

Site audit and SEO analysis are necessary primarily to identify errors and determine the potential of search engine optimization. The effectiveness of promotion activities directly depends on this. It is important to conduct such SEO analysis regularly in order to timely adjust the promotion strategy and look for new ways of resource development. Otherwise, the site gradually begins to lose its positions in the “search engines”.

Why is it important to audit your website regularly?

It is possible that a site falls under the Yandex or Google filter and drops out of the index. This is because:

  • Search engines regularly change the algorithms for analyzing the “usefulness” of sites in order to identify sites that are “of little use” for users.
  • If this algorithm does not match, it perceives the site as “search spam” and deletes it from the index.
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To prevent this from happening to your site, you need a comprehensive site audit, which consists of several stages:

Site search audit

This is a site analysis that reveals errors in the texts and program code of pages made during the development of a web site and invisible to the user’s eye, which prevent the site from taking high places in search results. When conducting a search audit of a site, an analysis of its indexing in search engines is carried out and the readiness for search promotion is checked.

After that, you can give a forecast of the approximate result, determine the costs and terms necessary for its promotion. It is necessary to make sure that the text on the pages of the site prepared for promotion becomes relevant to search queries, and the density of keywords becomes optimal.

  • Checking the site for compatibility with search engines, so that the information presented on the site correctly and promptly gets into the search engines.
  • An assessment of which queries the target audience asks the search engine and which of them are prioritized.
  • Determining the visibility of the site for important queries and making recommendations for texts that will help increase the site’s position in search results
  • Analysis of the dynamics of site traffic, highlighting the main sources of visitors, as well as links that lead to the site.
  • The audit results help in making both tactical and strategic decisions on advertising promotion, positioning and website development on the Internet.
  • Analysis of the internal structure of the site and identification of opportunities for its SEO optimization;
  • Analysis of the dynamics of the TIC and PR website;
  • Analysis of website visibility in search engines;
  • Analysis of backlinks (external links to a website);
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Website technical audit

This service consists of several important stages. First, the site’s program code is analyzed, the quality of its layout and the hosting compliance with the requirements of the Internet resource. Such an analysis will identify errors during the indexing of the site and propose measures to reduce the risk of software vulnerability.

A technical audit of the site allows you to assess the current state of the site, identify technical errors made when creating a website and use recommendations for their elimination.

  • Analysis of the site code for compliance with W3C standards;
  • Analysis of the site for the presence of non-existent pages;
  • Analysis of the content management system;
  • Analysis of the hosting, server and server control file;
  • Analysis of data structure and site navigation errors;
  • Analysis of the correct operation of site services and site layout;
  • Analysis of page loading speed and optimization of graphic elements.

Site usability audit

This is a site analysis that measures the usability of your site. It identifies the flaws in the site design that prevent the visitor from becoming a client of your company. This type of website audit includes design assessment, ease of navigation, and information accessibility.

  • Why are there many visitors and few buyers?
  • Is it easy for visitors to get the information they need on the site?
  • Are the services on the site working correctly?
  • How can you improve website performance?
  • Why are so few pages viewed on the site?
  • What pages on the site are unattractive, difficult to read?
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Website marketing audit

This is an analysis of the competitive environment. The main focus is on the analysis of external factors: website visibility in search engines, site link ranking and competitive landscape analysis. Marketing analysis reveals the nuances that are associated with site visitors, as well as their behavior. Marketing management is about building communications with users.

  • Determination of the necessary functionality to increase the conversion of the site.
  • Revealing which sections and pages of the site are least in demand by users.
  • Assessment of the resource from the point of view of external aspects that allow you to correctly position the site in a competitive environment and correctly develop a strategy for its promotion.
  • Analysis of competitors by priority of using keywords.

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