Google launched the function of scrolling and highlighting text in image search

Earlier this year Google launched a new functionality in search that automatically scrolls the page to the desired fragment and highlights the text. It looks like she’s now also started working at Google Images.

Consultant GSquared Interactive Glenn Gabe noticed Url with parameters “#: ~:text= “In reports Search Console.

He also shared a screenshot:


This happened on request [BOM]…

Barry Schwartz tested this query and found out that when clicking on an image in search results, Google opens a web page, scrolls down and selects text.

How widely this update has been launched is unknown. Google has not yet commented on this information.

In the main search, this function is called Text Fragments

As a reminder, in June Google introduced a new Chrome extension called Link to Text Fragment, which allows you to create links to specific text on a page – regardless of its formatting.

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