Google Tag Manager allowed adding third-party tags to the server container

Google introduced server-side tagging for Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360.

Users of these services will now be able to move third-party tags from their site to a server container located in their Google Cloud account.

As a result, fewer tags will be loaded when visiting pages, which will speed up loading times. When users interact with the page, third-party tags will be loaded directly in the server container, not on the site.

A recent study by Delloite and 55, commissioned by Google, found that faster loading times for mobile sites improved the speed of customer advancement at every stage of the sales funnel for all brands surveyed.

For retailers, every 0.1 seconds decrease in mobile site load time increases the average order value by an average of almost 10%.

Server-side tagging comes in handy for those companies that work with a large number of partners and have to add a lot of third-party tags to their pages, which slows down their loading.

To learn more about the new functionality, visit the Google Developers site.

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