How to choose a CEO company

How to choose a CEO company

When you need to quickly promote your site to the first places in the search results and there is no time for “long tests” with different specialists, the question arises, how do you choose the “very” professionals who will not let you down?

As a company with which your business will go uphill, we will tell you in this article.

Website promotion consultation

It is most logical to choose from those companies that offer free consultations. These companies invest the time and energy of their employees in building long-term relationships with the company that consulted.

If you suddenly doubt whether it is worth ordering a consultation (albeit free), here are a few cases when you should not hesitate:

  • If your resource is constantly experiencing failures or malfunctions.
  • When visitors start complaining about the site’s performance.
  • A decrease in website traffic is also a reason to order an audit.
  • Redesigning and adapting the site for mobile devices.
  • Desire to buy a website. Small investments in audit at the stage of selection will help not to lose money in the future.
  • Drawing up a strategy for promoting a site in the TOP of search results. Here you cannot do without the recommendations of professionals.

If any of your points fit the description of your situation, then do not hesitate. You can order a SEO consultation in our studio.


The second important aspect of the choice is the presence of a seo portfolio from the contractor’s company. The richer and more diverse portfolio your future contractor has, the better your results will be. Pay attention to the topics that the contractor promoted. Check if the contractor has a case or cases on your topic. Analyze it. This will give you a rough estimate of the likelihood of success and improvement.

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In our studio in Moscow, now more than five hundred sites are on promotion. This number speaks for itself – we can be trusted.


The right contractor always briefs his client. A brief is a session between a customer and a contractor, when the service provider receives the necessary information from the customer by asking him questions from a special list – a brief.

The briefing can take place both by an employee of the company and independently by the customer (by answering the questions in the sent document). The form does not really matter – the correctness of the questions asked is much more important.


Now you know about three criteria for choosing a contractor for SEO promotion. Let’s list them again:

  • Free consultation. Those who offer them are handsome 🙂
  • Quality cases and portfolios.
  • Correct questions in the brief and, in general, the presence of this stage in the work.

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