How to make meta tags title, keywords, description correctly

A short video instruction will show you how to correctly make and fill in meta tags: title, keywords, description for better SEO page optimization. And also how to format texts in word before posting on the site. Their correct spelling is important to increase the speed of search engine optimization for both Yandex and Google.

Title tag content

The Title tag should contain keywords and phrases suitable for the specifics of your company. For example, as a real estate agency in the Moscow region, you probably need the agency’s website to be in the search results when using the keywords and phrases “Real estate agency in the Moscow region” and “Real estate in the Moscow region”.

But, if you want to work only in the city of Moscow, then you need SEO search engine optimization of the site, organized in a more specific way, so that you can use such words as “Real estate agencies in Moscow” in the Title tag.

That is, if you are only interested in clients and site visitors from a specific city or region, then your key phrases in the website header should contain this location. After all, when searching, people will definitely indicate the city or region in which they want to find something. Your task is for your site to be among the first on the results page.

Tag content Description

Description is a short description of the page content that appears in search results immediately after the title. By using the Description tag correctly, you can get good results. Despite the fact that the content of the Description tag is not directly involved in the ranking of the site, it is important precisely because it is used to form the snippet that appears in the search results.

The snippet is the basis for the formation of good behavioral factors, and they are of increasing importance for the promotion of sites in Yandex and Google. Which in the future affect the growth of the site’s positions, since behavioral factors, in recent years, give a significant contribution to the ranking of the page.

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The logic of search engines is as follows: if a site is often clicked from the search results, it means that it exactly meets user requests, therefore, it makes sense to raise it higher in the search.

Description can indirectly influence the ranking of a web page. With its help, you can create a beautiful clickable snippet that will improve the behavioral factors of the site and its position in a specific request.


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