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Increase website conversion through design and usability

Website conversion rate: what is it?

Conversion is an indicator that is measured as a percentage. This is the ratio of the number of buyers, customers to the number of visitors. Each company independently determines what is related to the conversion action. For example, filling out a form, ordering a call back, downloading an application. The lower the price of the product and the more affordable the service, the higher the website conversion rate. If an online store sells expensive furniture, household appliances, targeted actions are performed less frequently.

How to increase website conversion using design

Statistics show that about 50% of potential customers and buyers form an opinion about the company based on the appearance of the site. If the visitor likes the design of the web resource, he becomes familiar with the range of products and services. This is a direct path to more sales and profit.

Web design is a complex work, which means designing user interfaces. To obtain the perfect result, every moment is thought out, starting with the logical structure of the site and ending with the decoration. Design is the face of the brand and the company. While on the site, the user should have emotions and desires: to get acquainted with the information about the organization, view the catalog of goods, download the price list for services. When a visitor performs such actions, the design is developed competently and professionally.

What to do if website conversion is low? To improve the situation, you need to change the design, guided by modern trends. Now we will look at the main principles due to which the number of buyers increases and business development is ensured. These include:

  • beautiful thematic illustrations – drawings that explain the text and create a certain atmosphere. They can be copyrighted or purchased on the Internet. Illustrations are part of the visual content. With their help, attention is drawn to the product, the article is supplemented, the interest of the target audience in the online store increases. When filling a web resource with pictures, you need to remember about rationality and not overdo it. If there are many illustrations, this is overkill;

  • font – graphic signs with the help of which an integral stylistic system is created. They are for typing. The speed of information perception depends on the readability of the font. To make the visitors happy with everything, you need to find the best solution. Alternatively, it can be a grotesque or antique font;

  • creativity – users do not like the template solutions that are found at every step. Innovative ideas are developed to attract the attention of the audience. For example, interactive components, non-standard elements, special effects. Any creative ideas that come to mind can be used. The main thing is that they fit into the overall concept of web design;

  • practicality – you cannot please everyone, therefore, when developing a website design, you need to take into account the age of the audience. If an online store sells youth accessories, the design should be bright and dynamic. For the older audience, the classic style of site design is ideal, which is characterized by neutral tones and the absence of special effects;

  • rational use of negative space – I mean the space between page elements. For example, between the title of the article and the content. When everything is done correctly, visitors can easily perceive information and remember it. This helps to increase conversions.

Usability elements affecting conversion

Usability is a key parameter, which means convenience for visitors. To make it easy for users to find information (technical characteristics of products, prices for services), the site structure is carefully thought out. Experts work through various user scenarios, identify errors and look for methods to eliminate them.

Site usability is an important parameter that determines the quality of a web resource. The prosperity of the company depends on how correctly everything is done. How to increase website conversion through usability? We have prepared some useful recommendations:

  • displaying a phone number in an international format on all pages – the user can easily find the information he needs and contact representatives of the company, online store;

  • search string – such an element should immediately catch the eye. The product search bar is located in the top menu or in the header of the site. It’s good when the autocomplete function is used: the visitor enters the first letters of the request and gets the whole word;

  • a noticeable button for performing a targeted action – after the name of the product or after the list of technical characteristics, there is a button “Buy”, “Order”, “Download”

  • convenience of purchasing products in the online store – buying goods without registering on the site, ordering in one click, offering to continue shopping or proceed to checkout;

  • link to the main page – so that the visitor does not get lost on the site, there should be a button “Home” or “Home page”. A logo is also used for this purpose. Clicking on the logo leads the user to the main page of the online store.

To increase conversion, solutions are developed that are suitable for specific sites. It takes a lot of time and effort. But the result lives up to expectations. Visitors love the site’s design and usability. This is the key to increasing sales and orders!

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