Instagram started offering to merge Direct with Facebook Messenger

Facebook gave users the ability to merge their Messenger and Instagram Direct messages so they can access incoming messages from both services in one place.

Instagram users began to see a corresponding alert when opening the app.


Facebook highlights the following merging benefits:

  • New color design for chats
  • Reactions
  • The ability to chat with those friends who use Facebook
  • Replies to messages by swipe

If the user agrees to the update, then his Instagram Direct will noticeably change and will more resemble Facebook Messenger. Even the icon in the upper right corner of the screen will be replaced with the Messenger icon.

Despite the choice made, Instagram will be able to accept requests for correspondence from Facebook users and communicate with them directly in the service.

The fact that Facebook is working on the integration of Instagram Direct and Messenger became known in August 2019. And in January of the same year, the media learned that the company wants to integrate the technical infrastructure of all its messaging services. Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook had to suspend work in this direction, but now it seems to be resumed.

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