Launching an advertising campaign in Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads is a graphical advertising format in Google Ads aimed at attracting a cold audience that could potentially be interested in a similar product / service.

Google records user preferences based on search history, views on Youtube, site visits, etc., and displays this ad format based on this.

The campaign itself is fully automated and has only two bidding strategies:

  • maximum conversions.

  • Target CPA

Main placements:

  • Youtube feed.

  • For more information, see the Promotions & Social section of Gmail.

  • in the Google Discovery Feed.


Before proceeding with the launch, you need to prepare:

  • pictures (up to 15 pieces) with an aspect ratio (1.91: 1), or a square image 1: 1. All cards must have the same ratio.

  • image of your company logo.

  • titles and descriptions of product cards.

  1. Go to your ad account and create a new campaign.

  2. Choosing the goal of the advertising campaign.

Discovery Ads is available for the following purposes:

  • sales.

  • potential clients.

  • website traffic.

  • campaign without a target.

In the window that appears, select “Discovery” and click continue:

Now we make the standard settings.

Location and languages:

Next, we choose a bidding strategy and set a daily budget.

It is recommended to set a daily budget that will exceed your target CPA not less than 10 times – this is necessary for more effective and faster training of the campaign.

After that, we start choosing an audience. What targeting is available:

  • special audience by intent.

  • remarketing.

  • audience of interested buyers.

Below you can also indicate demographic data: gender, age, presence of children.

After that you can start creating your ad. You can create:

  • Discovery carousel ad.

  • Discovery announcement.

They differ only in that a carousel ad can include from 2 to 10 cards.

Next, you need to enter the final URL to which your ad will lead.

And also add images and company logo. Necessarily in good quality.

Also, keep in mind that Google will not miss low quality images, which include provocative context and any shocking or negative topics.

(even more examples of unsuccessful images can be found here)

Images should not contain call-to-action buttons, arrows, an underlined URL, or anything that, in principle, simulates a clickable application (only clear and understandable text call to action). Failure to follow these rules can lead to problems with ad moderation.

Immediately in the creation mode, you can see how your ad will look on different placements.

After that, your Discovery Ads campaign is ready.


Discovery Ads is a great tool for brands looking to make themselves known to new audiences. If your goal is to attract a lot of traffic to your site, show your new product / service, you can safely give preference to such advertising, it will definitely be able to justify your wishes.

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