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Legal landing page – how to sell legal services

Essentially, a landing page, or landing page, is a one-page site whose task is to sell one specific service. The advantage of such a site is a narrow specialization. The landing page will help you clearly articulate a unique offer and allow you to stand out in the search.

Legal services landing page is aimed at familiarizing users with the services provided by a law firm.

Landing page composition

A selling legal landing page in the classical sense should have:

  • Interestingly designed and correctly presented sales proposal
  • A well-formulated proposal that directly and clearly explains to customers what you can offer them
  • The advantages of your company. The landing page should not contain blurry phrases, only clear data
  • Design must inspire confidence
  • Original non-template design
  • Show how much the client can save using your services

Legal landing page: design

Austerity and restraint are two ingredients of a good law firm landing page. Since appearance forms the first impression, a lot of attention should be paid to design. It is necessary to invest uniqueness in the design, add visual information, provide comparative data. A legal landing page should look expensive and serious, since clients trust lawyers not only with finances, but also with reputation. Clients without fail, getting acquainted with your site, will take into account all the details and will be guided by subjective impressions.

As for the photos, we recommend purchasing them on stock photos. The company must have a real face.

Element number one

Perhaps the most important element of a law firm’s landing page is the contact capture form that is worth working on. A potential client should not only familiarize himself with the landing page, but also leave his data in the designated form. Landing page performance is measured by conversion rate.

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Landing page advantages:

  • Relatively low cost when compared to the price of a full website
  • Minimum time spent on creating a one-page page

There is only one significant drawback:

  • Since such a site is focused on offering one, narrow service, therefore, its “life span” is limited, in other words, the landing page is not durable.

You need to create a landing page for a law firm when the site has not yet been completed, but you need to attract clients today.

Not sure where and how to order a legal landing page? Write to us, we will help!

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