Optimization of the site structure for promotion

Website structure and navigation are critical factors that can affect a website’s search engine rankings. However, the structure of the site should be, first of all, user-friendly: give them the opportunity to easily navigate through the pages of the site, offer various navigation paths and highlight the most important points in terms of solving the site’s problems.

Here we need to solve an interesting problem: on the one hand, the logical structure is clear and convenient, but the psychology of the site visitor is often such that he randomly moves through the pages of the site, ignoring the logical chains and the site menu. This psychology must be taken into account and the user must be able to get from any page to almost any place on the site. If you close these paths, then he can quickly leave the site.

A properly constructed, optimized site structure should, in addition to logic, offer various paths to navigate the site.

Requirements for an optimized site structure

  1. Competent intuitive site structure;
  2. Simple and convenient navigation system;
  3. Content – pleasing to users and attractive to search engines;
  4. Re-linking the site – reworking the structure, so that you can get to any part of the site in three clicks

Important information on website promotion and internet marketing

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What a well-optimized site structure gives

The structure of a modern online resource is, in fact, the arrangement of information and the technology of its display and presentation to visitors. A well-optimized structure has a very good effect on ranking in search results and leaves visitors with a positive impression of the resource.

  • A small web resource will have a simple two-tier structure. This means there will be transitions from the Main page to internal ones, but there is no greater nesting. This is optimal when there are few menu items and all navigation is clearly visible. This is usually a business card site.
  • The larger resource will have a three- or four-tier structure. That is, the main categories will have child subcategories. This structure is also quite simple and convenient and easy to optimize. In this case, additional elements appear that contribute to promotion and improve navigation – the so-called “bread crumbs”
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Practice shows that it is almost impossible to promote a site with no more than 20 pages for competitive requests, or it is very difficult and expensive. In this situation, the number of pages of the promoted resource plays a major role in the cost of promotion. But, the more relevant optimized pages the resource has, the easier and cheaper further promotion.

The number of pages should ideally grow steadily and gradually. It can be diverse content: company news, publications, reviews, photos and videos, new product catalogs, reviews, comments or an active forum. The constant increase in the amount of content and the increasing number of pages becomes for search engines a reason for more frequent indexing and a “positive characteristic” of the resource.

Optimization of the structure must be done before the start of promotion A high-quality, user-friendly structure will raise the site’s position and, most importantly, increase conversion by making potential customers real customers. If you need high-quality web development with preparation for promotion, contact the web studio AVANZET, call or fill out the form to order a high-quality website with SEO optimization


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