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Order the creation of a landing page. An example of developing a landing page and its price

Landing page development

A service provided on a properly executed landing page can generate a steady, constant income. Almost all owners of successful companies associate the purchase of a landing page with the upcoming success and increased profits of their business.

In the Internet sphere, several advertising methods are proposed for website promotion. You can start listing them with the classics: various types of banners, advertising campaigns on social networks and creating your own account.

Landing page landing page in contrast to the site, it is more versatile to attract potential customers. It is not so cumbersome, easy for the audience to perceive, it brings profit to the owner faster. Landing page development requires less investment, and the return is high.

Effective landing pages

A custom landing page perfectly focuses the visitor’s attention on a product or service. It creates a simple field for filling out an application, does not refer to numerous links or to other categories of the site, does not use third-party resources. For comfortable use and saving time, the order button is always located in the center of the page. After all, it is a long search through the pages, inconvenient navigation that often scare away a potential, and sometimes even a target buyer. A person does not trust intrusive offers as well as links to unknown sites. An ideal landing page is a minimum of unnecessary attributes and easy navigation.

Landing page structure has a simple and easy-to-use mechanism that will not confuse even a novice user. Simplicity saves the client from unnecessary actions, builds trust in the page and encourages them to place an order.

Landing pages selling a wide variety of products, ranging from electrician services to large business, should not only show, but in all colors paint the advantage of the service, product, client’s offer. The main load of the page is to form an irresistible desire in the visitor to become a buyer, to bring to the final goal – to place an order.

Ready-made landing pages differ from a personal website in advertising, as they present information about only one specific type of product. This significantly reduces the time it takes to find the goods the buyer needs, and minimizes the amount of information. The landing page of the online store will represent, respectively, only one type of product; several landing pages are created for complaints of all types.

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Landing page conversion

Mnogoland presents examples of high converting landing pages in the section “Our portfolio”. These are one-page sites “Pepsi”, “Mobile Accessories”, “1 C Bitrix”, “FC Merabella”, “Mida”. On these landing pages, thanks to the work of our team, the conversion is from 20 to 50%. And the number of applications per day is approaching fifty.

There are companies that promise a client an unrealistically large conversion in the first week of the resource’s existence, almost + 1000. Think about it, landing page conversion depends on many factors. If you have been promised incredibly high profits, but they have not given any guarantees, immediately turn away from the offer. Mnogoland provides a guarantee for a minimum conversion of up to 10%. At the same time, after the delivery of the project, our specialists “do not leave” the client alone with their problems. They constantly analyze the work, continue to promote the landing page, conduct constant efficiency testing, understand the reasons for low conversion and constantly take measures to increase the level of sales.

Landing page design is also important. Browse through Our Portfolio, you will not find duplicate designs. The creativity of the design manifests itself in shades, filling with color, font of the text, pleasant drawings that cause a positive visual perception. All this gives the visitor a feeling of comfort, creates the illusion of visiting something “good”, which means that it inspires confidence in your proposal.

Landing page optimization is carried out by constantly generating fresh ideas and solutions. The page status is maintained in “mode” exclusive. The combination of all the components of the landing page: competent text, interesting animation, high-quality video and photographic materials that correspond to the direction of the business, correctly composed and placed advertising on banners – all this increases the conversion, and leads you to success.

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Pay attention to the Sercons Invest real estate landing page in Our Portfolio. Before contacting our company, Sercons Invest had another developer. The page did not bring any profit to the company, the conversion was practically zero, and there were only a few customers per month.

When the head of the company Sercons Invest contacted us to order a landing page, I didn’t really believe in success. But now, in the pop-up “window” in the portfolio, you can see the statistics of success. Letters of thanks from our clients are placed under each successful project. And we do not have those who are not successful. We are a team of professionals.

Landing pages. The cost of a successful project

“How much does a landing page cost” is one of the most frequently asked questions. We suggest not to waste time looking for real numbers, searching through the numerous sites given by the search engine. Most often you will find vague wording, but no specifics. Our service will help you find out the specific cost of the project’s landing pages. The requests of businessmen are different, everyone is engaged and understands all the subtleties of their business, which means that a person’s requirements will be purely individual for the layout and the finished landing page. It could be a presentation of an exclusive, expensive product. In the portfolio, you can see, as an example, the landing page of the women’s clothing store “Comodik”. Or maybe you are a representative of a factory business or a manufacturer of goods, then the price of the landing page announced to you by the manager will amount to a different amount and will be developed in the style of your requirement and proposal.

You can buy a landing page for any service industry. There are no unrealistic tasks for our developers. They will create a unique, exclusive project for each of the existing sectors of the national, industrial economy.

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Find out in detail what the price of the landing page is made of, you can after filling out the application form. The company guarantees confidentiality and non-disclosure of client data. The manager will contact you and in a private conversation will explain everything specifically at your request, give information about the amount of costs and the time of the project. The price for creating a landing page is the payment for a successful business on the Internet and in reality. It will pay off quickly if you create a landing page in a professional company.

Landing page development at Mnogoland

Landing page creation is a responsible business that requires analytical work, market research and competitors’ activities in your product or offer niche.

How to make the best landing pages or collaboration stages:

  • Cooperation with our company begins with the preparation of an application.
  • The manager will not delay you for a long time or conduct extraneous conversations. Clearly, specifically for work, he will ask questions and define a plan for developing a one-page project.
  • Landing pages with high conversion cannot be created without analytical research of the market situation according to your profile. A thorough research is carried out by specialists.
  • A team of experienced designers, IT-programmers, copywriters, and layout designers will be responsible for the creation of landing pages. The output should only be a selling product that meets the client’s expectations from the work.
  • Landing page text matters a lot. It will be compiled with a maximum of information content and a minimum of unnecessary information.
  • Placing the page on hosting, testing, identifying problem areas, eliminating problems.
  • Final working launch.

Create a landing page in our company – to get guaranteed conversion and profit. Effective landing pages are creative fresh ideas, solving old problems in a new way, eliminating negative ratings, profit, client success.

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