Professional website development with basic SEO optimization

Professional website development is distinguished by mandatory basic SEO optimization at the stage of development: texts, structure, meta tags (Title and Description), images at the stage of creation. This has three important benefits:

  1. the resource is well and quickly indexed,
  2. quickly enters the field of visibility for low and medium frequency requests
  3. requires less budget for subsequent promotion, because it does not need to be redone.

Creation and development of websites ready for promotion is one of the competitive advantages of the AVANZET web studio development team. As a result, our clients receive a well-thought-out, effective website that is designed in an integrated manner – from a design idea to the implementation of a single concept for promoting a client’s business through the Internet.

  • We focus on SEO optimization for search engine optimization directly at the stage of developing a web resource.
  • We use the analysis of search query statistics when preparing texts.
  • We apply the principles of competent and thoughtful usability.
  • We give a guarantee for the whole range of website development services and provide support after the project is completed.

Why is it important to do initial SEO optimization when developing a website?

As you know, the development and design of a website is only the first stage, the second and no less important is the basic SEO optimization. What is it for? In order for search robots to find your site, and search engines show it in the SERP, and preferably on the first page.

What is SEO when developing a website? This is the optimization of texts, structure and meta data of the site for search engines. Thus, this is the implementation of a number of specific actions in the development of a site, which will subsequently affect the ranking in search engines and position in search results.

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Website development and basic SEO optimization

How search engines work and rankings are constantly changing. Therefore, we regularly adapt our methods of primary SEO optimization to the current requirements of the search engines Yandex and Google. This gives us the opportunity to keep our finger on the “pulse”, and the sites of our clients – to go to the TOP-10 without fantastic budgets for promotion.

Basic SEO optimization includes:

  • Analysis of search query statistics and preparation of SEO optimized texts
  • Creation of the design and structure of the site using the principles of competent usability
  • Creating internal linking and adding breadcrumbs
  • Mandatory filling of meta data on all pages of the site
  • Adding a site after completion of development to search engines

100% focus on customer needs is the main secret of the success of the implemented projects. We always support our clients after the completion of the website development. You can always count on a free consultation after the delivery of the project on the promotion and promotion of the site.

Important information on the topic creation, promotion and optimization of sites

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Professional website development in the AVANZET web studio is guaranteed to include primary SEO optimization. This means that at the development stage, key phrases are selected to compose the semantic core, all meta tags are filled in without fail and internal linking is done. As a result of these measures, the resource is quickly indexed and gets into good positions in the search results for low and midrange queries.

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In the event that you decide to order a website from us, we guarantee that it will be not just one of the resources on the Internet, but an effective assistant for your business. Contact our web studio, we will help you make your dream come true!

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