Regional website promotion

Regional website promotion

If you are a small company and operate in a certain city, then you do not need to promote your site throughout the country. It will be costly and difficult, and getting to the top of search results in the regions is much easier thanks to the Arzamas algorithm from Yandex (with its release, search results in different regions began to differ). Then the concept of “seo promotion in the region” appeared.

Regional promotion

We have already said that small companies that are just starting their activities and work for one region can choose the path of regional promotion simply because it makes no sense to move across the country in their situation. But, this is true for already established businesses. Sometimes they are better off promoting locally too. It all depends on whether your business is geo-dependent.

Geo-dependent businesses are searched for geo-dependent queries. Usually this is a pronounced transactional request (where to buy flowers in Moscow). You need to understand if location is important to your business. Today, many products are freely sold and bought online. You no longer need to measure jeans or sneakers on cardboard – they will be brought home to you. You don’t need to meet in person with your new sales agent or marketer. Geo-dependent businesses today are cafes and restaurants, exhibitions, boutiques, jewelry stores, coffee shops and others.

All geo-dependent businesses are encouraged to promote by region.

How to determine the region of the site

If you yourself do not determine to which region to attach your resource, then the search engine will do it for you. The decision to attach to any region is made on the basis of the data in the “Contacts” section. Additionally, links to resources that are geographically fixed in the same location as you are taken into account.

If you already have a functioning site and you want to understand whether it is tied to any region, then you can do this with the help of Ya.Webmaster. Go to the “Site Information” tab in the “Regionality” section. Here you will see which country and which city your resource is attached to. Or you can bare the phrase “The site has no regional affiliation”, which means the relevance of your resource for search from any region (this is often the case with information sites, news and the like).

Website promotion in the region (Yandex)

In this section, we’ll go into more detail about the factors that affect the assignment of a region to you and how to manage them. The most important factors are:

  • Contacts page. This section is critical in determining your localization by a search engine. Enter your physical address in full, you can add an interactive map showing your location.

    If you do not have a physical address, then Yandex is quite capable of attaching you to a city or region by the phone number indicated on the site. At worst, just specify the city

  • Yandex.Webmaster. With this service, you can easily establish the territorial affiliation of your resource. You can do this manually. Select the “Regionality” section. Moving from the upper level (World) to the lower (settlement), choose your location. You will have to confirm your choice – to prove that you are exactly there. To do this, in a special field, place a link to your page, proving belonging to the selected location (this can be a page: about us, contacts, pick-up points or delivery areas).

    Please note that if your organization has a physical representation – office, warehouse, pick-up point, then the region will be assigned to it at the location of the organization. In other words, if you sell tires in Moscow and have a point of sale that you specified as a physical address on the site, then your site will be attached to Moscow. It won’t work to attach it to St. Petersburg or Kazan. You just won’t pass the moderation.

  • Yandex directory. According to Yandex, 46 million people a month search for organizations on maps, in the navigator and simply in search. We are sure that there are your potential clients among them.

    Therefore, we recommend that you add your organization to the Ya Directory. You can do this here – To do this, provide information: name, address, opening hours, contacts and activities. After checking by the moderator, the company will appear in the Directory and Yandex.Maps.

    The placement in this directory has its own subtleties. On average, once a year, Yandex calls the organizations located on the maps. Calls are made to the indicated number and if no one in the organization picks up the phone, then the company is recognized as “terminated” and excluded from the catalog. Therefore, keep an eye on the relevance of your phone number and promptly inform about its change.

    Another important point is the uniqueness of the phone number. You won’t be able to create a bunch of online stores and attach them all to one phone number. Remember: one number – one organization.

  • Meta – tags and words in the text. Of the existing meta tags, two can be distinguished: Title and H1. Many people confuse them or even equate them with each other, but in reality they are completely different things. Title – summarizes the content of the entire page, and H1 – characterizes only its text part. You can include the name of your settlement in these tags.

    Add your city to the texts on the site. But, do not overdo it, a few mentions closer to the beginning of the text will be enough.

Regional promotion (Google)

Google and Yandex have different views on regional promotion. In Google, the situation is somewhat more complicated. There are not enough opportunities for regional binding of the resource. Google Search Console can only be linked at the country level. In our case, it can be Russia or the CIS countries (depending on where you are). You can go further, but this method is only suitable if you have a physical representation in the city.

You can be added to google maps only if you have a real physical address in the city you want to promote. In Google, the procedure for adding an organization to the map is similar to Yandex, but the moderation is different. You will have to register with the Google My Business service and provide information similar to that specified in Yandex. Then, a postcard with a confirmation code will be sent to the specified physical address. Within 30 days you have the opportunity to enter the code and confirm the registration. Until then, your company will show up as “unverified”.

Further advancement in the regions can be carried out only by filling the texts with keywords.

Website promotion in several regions

With the release of the Arzamas algorithm, it has become more difficult to promote multi-regional sites. Whether you like it or not, search engines have a task – to rank each resource to a specific location. Only certain categories of sites can avoid this fate (these are resources with a general theme or news portals). But, if your goal is business profit, then creating such sites will not suit you.

However, there are several ways to get a binding to multiple regions. Such methods are not suitable for everyone and can significantly affect your position in the SERP if you do not meet the conditions.

  • Yandex.Webmaster. By default, this service has the ability to attach only to one specific location, but even in this case, you can do something.

    – Select the region “Russia”. This method is only suitable for large portals or online stores. It is imperative for such sites to have high traffic and good (even excellent) behavioral factors. Search engines will determine regional results by IP address. If we assign the region “Russia” to a small online store, then it will lose first of all to large organizations, and then also to “local” sites.

    – Don’t select a region. This option is suitable, as already mentioned, only for news and general sites.

    – Select only one region to the detriment of others. Pike for fishlessness and cancer! Moreover, the search engine itself will match you with any region. You can either calmly wait for this, or help him and designate the most suitable region as the main one.

  • Yandex.Directory. It all depends on how big your branch network is and whether you have offices, shops or pick-up points in the regions necessary for promotion. The directory allows you to specify up to 7 regions, if only you can confirm the fact of your presence in them.
  • Creation of separate folders and sections on the site. Today, this method still has little effect. Yandex still perceives the georeference of the resource through the region in the webmaster or by the actual address.
  • Through second-level domains. The problems are the same.
  • You can create different sites on different domains. But, it is long and laborious. You need to create sites that are completely different in their content. Otherwise, the search engine will simply “glue” them into one.
  • Subdomains creation. You can cover 170 cities. In our opinion, the most promising way to take the top in a particular region. Yandex itself recommends it in its manuals and blogs.

Website promotion by city through subdomains

Promotion through subdomains seems to be the most promising today. You need to follow a few simple instructions and you will not have any problems. In Google, just close subdomains for indexing, and in Yandex, follow the algorithm below:

  • Verify the rights for each subdomain and add them to Ya.Webmaster. How to do this is best to find out directly on the resource where you bought domains and subdomains.
  • Assign a separate region to the subdomain. Make sure that it does not happen that the subdomain corresponding to one city is not tied to another.
  • An important point. If your main domain is https, then transfer subdomains to https.
  • Specify the main site mirror. You can learn more about this here –
  • Create a separate robots.txt file for each subdomain. Don’t forget the importance of this file. It closes from indexing those pages that should not be indexed. This can be a personal account where users work or a page with their personal data.
  • You need to create a separate sitemap for each subdomain.
  • Register the relevant tags (Title and H1).
  • Add up-to-date information to the “Contacts” sections. You can specify the addresses of transport companies in the city of the subdomain or the address of a self-pickup warehouse, if available. If the phone is the same, you should buy the number 8-800. Its presence significantly affects the ranking in both Yandex and Google.
  • Create unique product descriptions. To do this, you can change the terms and order of delivery, display the amount of the remaining goods in this particular region, the number of completed orders by region, we even recommend changing the price.
  • Prevent non-unique content from appearing on subdomains. Add local news, forum and local customer reviews.

Why we recommend promotion by subdomains

There are three main reasons:

  1. The independence of the subdomain and the main domain from each other. If a subdomain is blocked, then the main domain will not be affected.
  2. It is possible to receive analytics for each subdomain separately.
  3. Fast promotion in cities and regions. Saving money and time.


Website promotion by city or region is the most optimal for small, local companies. This is a kind of gift for small business from search engines. Better to get great results in one region than “butt” with those who are stronger than you now.

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