Seo site audit

Seo site audit

If you have created a site for a long time, everyone is writing and writing articles for the blog, but your positions in the search results are not growing, then it’s time to think about what you are doing wrong. We recommend that you order a comprehensive seo site audit.

What is SEO and audit

SEO (Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization). A set of measures aimed at improving the position of the site in the search results (this includes improving the site design, saturating the texts with keywords, optimizing the structure, code, behavioral and commercial ranking factors, as well as purchasing the link mass).

SEO audit – a detailed check of the site parameters described above. The task of the audit is to identify weaknesses and make recommendations for their elimination. A comprehensive audit of website promotion does not include individual parties (whether it be technical or content), but how they work together in a system called “site”.

A comprehensive SEO audit includes the following parameters (here we will only name them, and we will talk in more detail below):

  • Website technical audit. All technical parameters of the site are checked here.
  • Commercial site audit. Analysis of commercial factors that are important for the growth of sales from the site.
  • Content analysis. Checking the quality of content (text, graphics, multimedia) for duplication and uniqueness.
  • Analysis of competitors. It is sometimes helpful to look at how competitors are doing. But, do not rush to trust this method – after all, the competitors’ site can be simply copied and take from the donor not only pros, but also cons.

Website technical seo audit

The technical side is of paramount importance to getting your site up in the SERP. In this article, we do not have the opportunity to reveal in detail each of the points. Therefore, we will list the most common mistakes in the technical part and give recommendations for the most common ones. List of parameters recommended for verification:

  • Checking the site code for “garbage”.
  • Search and elimination of duplicate pages, pages that generate a 404 error.
  • Checking the download speed.
  • Availability of responsive layout.
  • The presence of a robots.txt file (a file is an instruction that tells search robots which pages can be indexed and which cannot).
  • The presence of a sitemap.xml file. Or, in other words, a sitemap. Helps search robots navigate your resource.
  • Diagnostics of the site interface and ease of use.
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Several recommendations for technical audit

In this section, we will provide guidelines on several parameters that should be checked first and where flaws are most common.

  1. Domain name check. The check allows you to determine the age of the site, the presence of verification, the renewal period and up to the use of a keyword in the site name. To check, you can use this service – Here are some explanations for the key parameters. – created (date of domain creation). Any search engine is much more willing to register those sites whose domain is registered as early as possible. Please note that age is not calculated from the purchase of the domain by you, but from the moment the first page is indexed. Age is an indicator of authority. – paid-till (the date until which the domain is paid). You buy a domain not forever, but for a while (a year or two or three, and so on). The longer the period for which you rented a domain, the higher the trust in you. – verified or unverified line. Indicates whether the domain has been verified (that is, the html and CSS of the site code conforms to world standards).
  2. Hosting check. The purpose of the check is to determine the speed of loading and site performance. Check it out here –
    It is acceptable to load the hosting within 3 seconds.
  3. Checking for robots.txt. The file is needed to manage the indexing by search engines. With it, you instruct the robot on what to index and what not. The file serves to protect personal data of users.
  4. Checking html – code. Errors in the HTML code affect the quality of site indexing, that is, its promotion. The same goes for extra code. This is especially the case with website builders. It is important to clear the code of errors and garbage before publishing the resource.
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Commercial site audit

Commercial factors are the variables that have the greatest impact on a site’s selling power. The higher it is, the higher is the influence of commercial factors, and this entails a rise in the resource in search results.

Each type of business has its own commercial factors. In the sale of bulldozers, this may be one, and in the flower business, others. Below we provide a list of the most significant ones:

  • Detailed contact information (each type of business has its own: e-mail, telephone, physical address, etc.).
  • The presence of groups and pages on social networks.
  • Competently worked out price list, information about discounts and special offers, descriptions of goods and services.
  • Availability of feedback forms.
  • Reviews on your site and on third-party resources.

Content audit

Today, even the most effective advertising will not yield results if the landing page (site or group in social networks) is badly designed. This applies to both the technical side and the content. Quite often the answer to the question “Why don’t they buy from us?” is the presence of “non-selling content” on the site.

Why do you need a content audit:

  • Definition of pages giving little valuable information to the user. They will need to be redone or removed.
  • Planning further content strategy.
  • Checking the use of the semantic core in the text (perhaps the reason for the unpopularity of your resource is that search engines do not understand what queries to show it for – this happens due to the lack of relevant keywords).
  • Determine the reasons for the sanctions from the search engines (often due to key spam, your resource can be sanctioned and disappear from the search results).
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The results of the content audit are amazing. There is a known case when the correction of content by specialists gave an increase in the number of leads by 8 times. What was done? We just removed a lot of irrelevant landing pages that had been collecting traffic for a good decade and redirected traffic to pages with relevant data.

Competitor analysis

Why is it needed at all? For all its unreliability (competitors could simply copy the site from others with its pros and cons), your task is not just to please the search engines, but to surpass your competitors. Analyzing competitor sites will give you insight into the most important ranking factors in your niche. What parameters can be analyzed from competitors:

  • Domain registration date.
  • Traffic per day.
  • Time on the site.
  • Bounce rate.
  • The depth of the resource view.
  • Competitor keyword analysis and SERP statistics.
  • Link analysis.
  • Tracking the growth of competitors’ positions.
  • Analysis of the structure.

Thanks to the comprehensive analysis, you will receive comprehensive data on how your commercial opponents are doing and will be able to draw up your own promotion plan. For basic competitor analysis, use, and SEOlib is more convenient for listings. To analyze the behavioral indicators of competitors, the service is suitable. If you need to understand why competitors have more traffic, analyze their keywords through, Serpstat, or at least the free Check the loading speed of your site and those of competitors using and PageSpeed ​​Insights. Remember, the faster your site loads, the better.

Cost and terms

Tariffs for a comprehensive audit start from 15-25 thousand rubles and the work will be completed within a week. We recommend that you entrust this to professionals if you are interested in a quality result. Experts will be able to take a clean look at your resource and discover flaws that need to be corrected. In a short time, you will receive an effective strategy for further actions to improve your resource. Good luck with your promotion!

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