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Six steps to attract new customers for the sewing workshop

The clothing industry is huge and growing. Globally, the textile and apparel industry is worth more than three billion (yes, billion) dollars and is growing at around four percent annually.
As Mark Twain observed: “A person is colored by clothes. Naked people have very little or no influence in society. “
Whether you are just starting out or already running a sewing workshop, you need to think over the right strategy, thanks to which you can penetrate the market. We have compiled a list of six points to grow your business, which will help you quickly attract a stream of customers in a short time.

1. Ask yourself a set of research questions

Are your customers teenagers or older people? What are their needs – do they follow fashion or prefer classics? What is the purpose of your business – to produce quality clothing at affordable prices or a unique luxury class? Why would someone want to buy clothes from you?
You get the idea. By understanding the questions, you can more accurately define your company’s mission statement and ultimately effectively translate it into marketing promotion.

2. One of the most important marketing assets is your website… The website is the best employee, so it should look professional.
Sofia Amoruso, founder of clothing brand Nastygal, created her e-commerce site in 2008, with revenues reaching $ 28 million by 2011 and $ 100 million by 2012. Despite the fact that Nastygal had a large number of outlets, the brand’s success was due precisely to its online store.
Sofia found that the real live models on the site resonated with her clients better than the mannequins.

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3. Start using social media. networks.

Facebook and Instagram are the largest search engines in the world these days. Advertising directly from platforms and bloggers is a powerful tool for attracting new customers who can become permanent. So don’t be afraid to invest. But, for the best result in a competitive environment, it is not enough for you to just have a page in social. networks. Returning to the previous point – provide your customers with the opportunity to conveniently purchase through the site.

4. Make paid ads on Google. Paid ads with the correct keyword mix will automatically appear above your regular search results. Entrust this work to professionals, because if the company is set up incorrectly, you can simply drain the budget in a couple of hours.

5. Think about the future of the site. Advertising is a fast way to attract a stream of buyers, but, unfortunately, expensive. If you want to get free traffic – get started on SEO already at the stages of website creation. Yes, you will have to pay the CEO of the company and wait a couple of months, but you will spend only once, but you will get a steady stream of customers.

6. Build yourself a status… Your loyal customers are the main drivers of growth. If you still have a small flow of buyers, try to talk to everyone – to reveal satisfaction with the purchase, to find out wishes and ideas. You can run programs where your clients will refer friends and receive additional bonuses. If the customers in the photo are wearing your product – ask them to tag a page for your brand on social networks – you will be surprised how powerful this tool is to attract new customers.

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