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Top landing page mistakes that ruin your sales

Nowadays, more and more often they create landing pages, which are landing pages of companies. It is known that a one-page page raises conversions well and increases sales within a few hours after setting up. But one ridiculous mistake can nullify all the work. What mistakes can not be made, what to bypass so that there is no trouble? The main omissions are not in the settings, but in the creation of a one-page page. So let’s go!

What NOT to do to make your landing page profitable.

One-page sites – landing pages help in selling a product on the Internet. It doesn’t matter how the site will be created: create it yourself or contact the specialists. The main goal of the site is to sell the product.

The client will look at the development result and evaluate your work. Therefore, when creating a website, think about user convenience.

Landing page by template.

Finding a template for creating a one-page page is easy. But if you don’t have experience, then contact a web agency. There are online builders that are designed to create landing pages. But their disadvantage is that this is a template option that is not unique, the content is not selected specifically for your type of activity. Such a site will not bring success.

By using ready-made solutions, many customers have saved time on creation, but the audience does not like such landing pages. The template design of the Landing Page only annoys users, so you may not even dream of selling from such a page. People want something fresh and individual. Indicate your advantage, create a unique site that will not be similar to thousands of others.

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If you are limited in time or money, choose a template format, but one that is not yet boring to the layman. The design of the page should be similar to the design of the site. Design is of great importance as it creates the overall background of the site, but place special emphasis on content.

Errors when creating a landing page.

Web companies offer services at a low cost for one page development. However, this is fraught with the fact that as a result you get a site that does not make a profit. Let’s figure out why this can be, what are the main mistakes made when creating a Landing Page

1. Unique design + low-grade content. The client pays for a cool design, being sure that this is an indicator of status, that the design should be the main advantage of the site. But if there is no content in the form of filled content, then the site does not carry any information to the user.

What needs to be placed on the site:

· Description of the product you are selling;

· Product benefits;

· Why you are better than your competitors;

· Company name;

· Terms of purchase of goods.

Describe in detail why you need to buy the product from you, what are your main differences from competitors. Highlight the advantages in blocks to build a logical chain of information perception.

2. Pictures from the Internet. Post individual photos, do not download pictures from the Internet. Take photos yourself and shoot videos, or ask a professional photographer and cameraman. Please note that pictures must be real. If the client finds inconsistencies, they will be disappointed in your competence.

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3. A set of words that the client does not understand. The user does not have to understand professional terminology. Write short, clear sentences; explain complex statements in simple words. Think about what the client is looking for on your site, what content he needs. Don’t go into details about your product. Often, a client just wants to quickly order a product on the Internet. Not everyone will read the detailed characteristics. The main condition of the content is concise, clear information that the client is looking for. Create infographics – Get creative with potential consumers.

4. If there are no calls to action. They presented the product on the site, told about its advantages, but the user does not understand what to do next. There are no notifications about the promotion, it is not clear how to place an order, after how many days he will receive the goods.

Submit the registration form so that the user can get to the product presentation. Tell us about promotions and discounts, place the Buy Now buttons under them.

5. There is no time limit. Hurry up your customer to order goods and arrange delivery faster. If the client does not feel the urgency, then he will postpone the purchase until tomorrow, and then he may completely forget.

How to expedite the buyer:

· The price of the product rises. In order to have time to buy at a discount, let the user leave a request now or register;

· Receiving bonuses. If he pays for a backpack now, he will receive a thermo mug as a gift.

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At the bottom of the page, thank the customer for making a purchase, wish them a good day, and the grateful user will come back to you again.

Do not spare money for the development of a quality site. The cost good landing page will not be low if in the future the resource will bring you high sales.

Let’s summarize.

Learn from the best! See what other website owners have ideas for creating a landing page. Eliminate possible mistakes and then your site will bring not only new people, but also a large sales turnover.

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