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Types of landing pages and their structural features

Landing pages are created with the aim of increasing the profit of a particular company. The concept of a landing page is a one-page site that provides brief information about a product and service. Advertisements are also posted here. The purpose of a landing page is to motivate a potential client to take an action. In principle, this is the same advertising platform as any information portal, only one difference – maximum brevity and brevity.

Basic structural elements of a landing page:

  • the top screen, called the landing page header
  • central screens (up to 10)
  • bottom element called trigger

Each part is required for the landing page structure. In addition to the basic elements, we note others, no less important:

  • headings, subheadings
  • a commercial proposal that must certainly be interesting and unique
  • summary and benefits of a product or service
  • graphic elements: photos, images, infographics
  • videos
  • target buttons

The presence of a block with reviews on the landing page will strengthen the trust of any client.

Types of landing pages

  • offline sites
  • microsites that do not depend on the main resource
  • landing pages related to the parent site

In addition to those listed, it is worth highlighting several more types:

  • Home pages are sites whose home pages are used as landing pages. There is no time to work with design, which means this type is a great option.
  • CTR is a common type of landing page today. They act as an explanation for the unique selling proposition. These pages are created to convince the client and motivate him to take a conversion action.
  • Microsites are used to popularize a resource on the Internet. Bloggers and even large, serious companies often use such landing pages.
  • Promotional – these pages are completely filled with advertisements in all possible forms. An ad attack like this can lead a customer to make a rash purchase.
  • Lead pages – work to get user contacts. Thanks to this, the sales system can be expanded in the future. The page is built according to a simple scheme: extremely laconic information – forms for entering personal data, plus motivating reinforcement (for example, a guaranteed discount or a gift).
  • Digital landing pages are very popular among online stores. The main task of this type of landing page is to attract the attention of visitors to certain product categories.
  • Viral landing pages – the task is to “infect” the maximum number of visitors with a product. For guerrilla marketing, such a page is the best option. For a viral page, excellent content of high quality is very important: an interesting video, funny animation.
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The use of each type directly depends on the ultimate goal. According to the statistics, a separate landing page always increases sales by 1/5.

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