Using emojis and other gimmicks in Google Ads search ads


We want to talk about little tricks that are relevant today, in 2020, and will help you stand out from other competitors in the search. Hurry up to test these features in your accounts.

Here’s what we noticed and managed to test.

1. Using “CAPSA” in the parameters “Path1” and “Path2

Ads are almost always moderated:

Figure: 1 – An example of using “caps” in ads

2. Use of brackets in ad titles, texts, clarifications and prices

Use of parentheses, brackets, and “fancy” brackets in ad titles, text, clarifications, and prices (they are often overlooked, and they still attract attention):


Figure: 2 – An example of using parentheses in declarations

3. Emoji in Google Ads

Submit your ads through the Ads Editor by adding emoji to the parameters “Path1” and “Path2” – in most cases, moderation will be passed.


Figure: 3 – Adding emoji to the parameters “Path1” and “Path2”

Please note that emoji take up several characters, that is, if you use 1 emoji, then the maximum number of characters in the Path that can be filled in will be 13. Otherwise, the Ads Editor will generate an error:


Figure: 4 – Filling the Path

Mini tip – add emoji at the beginning of the paths so that they are not cut off in the mobile version:

Blog_Emoji_51 Blog_Emoji_52

Figure: 5 – An example of adding emoji at the beginning of the path

Another example of the use of emoji matched to the subject of advertising and added to “Path1”, “Path2”:


Figure: 6 – An example of adding emoji to the parameters “Path1”, “Path2”

To summarize – when creating new ads, always try to add non-standard symbols and emoji to them, which can be found and matched to your topic here –

And don’t hang our heads if extensions or ads deviate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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