What is CNC?

CNC in seo is that

If you are looking for a way to make your site understandable and useful for its visitors, then you should make sure that the user understands what awaits him there even before going to the page.

To do this, you can display page titles, their descriptions, links to sections and other parameters in the search results. You can also influence how the address of your page will be in the eyes of a site visitor: clear and unambiguous, or a leap into the unknown.

Friendly URLs provide the comprehensibility of web page addresses. Translated into Russian, this concept has taken on a different name – human-understandable url or CNC. What it is, and how to work with them, we will tell you in this article.

What is it

CNC (short for human-readable url, tracing-paper from English. Friendly URL) is an easily recognizable address. Thanks to him, the user roughly understands what awaits him on the site or on a separate page.

Compare yourself.

  • View address: We can only assume that this is a 101 entry in one of the site categories.
  • And another one: We think that you have already understood that the page behind the second url is also devoted to CNC.

Such URLs are easier to read, and you will only get targeted traffic to your pages, which will have a beneficial effect on SEO.

Types of CNC

There are 3 types of writing Human-Readable URLs:

  • Transliteration. Search engines recognize any transliteration, so this option is the most suitable for creating an understandable URL. Using transliteration assumes convenience for most Russian-speaking people (who do not know English well enough to read urls written in the following way).
  • Latin. A huge plus of the Latin alphabet is that many popular words such as category, catalog, contacts, phones and the like are familiar to many Internet users, even if they do not know English. But, if you find words that are less familiar to the Russian-speaking audience in the addresses, then use the first option.
  • Cyrillic. Some sites try to enter Cyrillic into their addresses. There is a significant drawback of this CNC writing – if you copy the address and paste it, for example, into a text document, then the Cyrillic characters will be recoded into an incomprehensible URL, also called Punycode.
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Which type to choose? According to research, search engines prefer transliteration and Latin, which are more versatile. In addition to Yandex. Yandex favors primarily Cyrillic addresses. But, this advantage is leveled by the fact that when copying, the address turns into a set of letters and numbers, which is completely ugly and inconvenient for sharing links.

Cnc reference dimensions

No browser sets limits on the number of characters in an address. But, remember that the user will be more comfortable with the shortest possible spelling of the address.

Hyphen, underscore, and space

Spaces are strictly forbidden to use when generating site urls. The space is replaced with a hyphen “-” or an underscore “_”. We prefer to use “-” in our work, because links with an underscore in the text can merge with your underscore in the URL, and it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

CNC images, videos and documents on site

CNC can be used not only in relation to pages or sites, but also to the information they contain: videos, photos, documents.

For example, search engines identify the content of an image by the topic of the document, text nearby, alt attribute, title, metadata, and other parameters. Including urlu. The more accurate information you give about documents and files on the site, the easier and faster your search engine promotion will be.


To summarize, let’s identify the main advantages of using “friendly urls”.

  • Facilitation of work with the structure of the resource and ease of navigation.
  • User comprehensibility.
  • The effectiveness of the site increases when ranking in the search results. Especially if you include keywords in the url.
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To facilitate url transliteration, you can use special plugins or services, such as

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